Shipping Container Marketplace – Refurbished Freight Containers

If you’re looking for a good shipping container marketplace that offers refurbished freight containers, you may want to go online and see what shipping container for sale from you can get because there are many options available that you will want to look at.

While they don’t just offer refurbished containers (there are plenty of new and even just plain used containers on the marketplace as well), buying a refurbished freight shipping container can give you a better deal because you are getting a product that is literally in brand new condition for a used price.

Why Refurbish Shipping Containers?

Sometimes the elements aren’t nice to shipping containers. From rain, acid rain, and even sand/wind damage, walls can rust causing them to need replacement, and sometimes just painting. Other times, constant moving of containers can also cause holes in the walls on the outside. Most shipping containers purpose is to actually protect the entire contents inside from the elements, and that can’t be accomplished if there are many leaks all over the place.

Even the seals can wither and wear over time, and with general wear and tear, door seals, wall seals, and more need to be replaced (rivets, etc.) There is a common misconception that shipping containers are literally just one layer of metal on all six sides, but the truth is that there are multiples and usually an insulative layer in between the outer walls and the inner walls of a container.

When you shopped with a shipping container marketplace like this one, you get to search for the closest area near to you. Should you want to pay more to have a container moved from a further location it is possible, but why would you want to do that? You can go to their site and choose whether you want to rent, rent-to-own, or buy a shipping container and enter your zip code. This will pull up results that are closest to your general area or state. If you have further questions, you can easily talk to a representative on their live chat helpdesk.

What is Right for Me?

This is completely situational. If you’re not so worried about the elements, then you’ll get a good quality, certified and ready, a shipping container that is just used. If you wish to have something for a low price, but be brand new, then you might want to look into getting a refurbished shipping container. Otherwise, you can buy a new one. Refurbished products are where it’s at though, because of the top quality you can get for a low price.


There are many marketplaces out there that claim to be the best but don’t have the most popular reviews, or even the quality that they guarantee. Shipped is not one of them. It takes a special team of people to be able to serve customers the way that they need to be treated, and the team at Shipped does this. By offering quality products and services through multiple supply locations nationwide, you can use them for literally any of your needs, personal or business, anywhere.