Latest Slots Pokies With Unique Visuals

Graphics and visual effects are vital parts of modern slot machines. Unlike some advanced mechanics, they will be seen by every single user that launches the game. It is also a crucial parameter of the decision-making process regarding whether it is worth playing the game or not for some players. This season, there have been several especially notable slots pokies titles with astounding visuals that should not be ignored by the enthusiasts of the genre.

1. Napoleon vs Rabbits

The first slot machine on the list was created by Blue Guru Games in partnership with Relax Gaming. The latter name is well-known among fans of the genre, as this provider has created multiple top-tier titles in the category. The title offers a visual design that is unique for slots pokies games, although it is clearly inspired by regular video games.

The visuals were created in pixel art style, which is rather an unusual phenomenon for the genre. Some of the players will surely feel nostalgic about video games with similar looks that they have played in the past. And while these old video games typically had slow and clunky animations, Napoleon vs Rabbits takes advantage of the latest technologies to enhance this aspect of the machine. The slot is extremely smooth and well-optimized, while its soundtrack is a sheer pleasure to listen to.

What makes the title even better is the gameplay it offers. It is a Cluster Pays slot machine, which is already a very desired feature in the community. The players don’t have to match combinations on fixed paylines in Napoleon vs Rabbits. Instead, it is enough to land symbols next to each other in clusters.

The machine has a 7×7 grid, and its Return To Player value is 95.45%. Even though it is possible to find games with better payout rates, the graphics of this machine will surely make up for it for many players. The maximum winning multiplier is x3,894 here, while the additional features include Free Spin Rounds, Bonus Buys, Mystery Symbols, Wild Symbols, and Multipliers.

2. Granny vs Zombies


The second game in the selection was created by Pear Fiction in partnership with Microgaming. Even though the naming resembles the previous machine, these slots pokies titles have nothing to do with each other. Needless to say, Granny vs Zombies is clearly inspired by a tremendously popular mobile game. It shows not only in the visual aspect of the machine, but with some of its features as well.

The game has cartoony graphics and is arguably not as visually advanced and comprehensive as the previous title on the list. The main reason for this is related to the most common symbols. In Napoleon vs Rabbits, every symbol in the machine is styled, while in this game, common symbols are just regular numbers. Nonetheless, the title has some attractive elements and a pleasing soundtrack.

In terms of features, it is a rather basic game. Its RTP value is 96%, while the maximum winning multiplier reaches x5,000. The additional features include Free Spin Rounds, Wild and Scatter Symbols, Symbol Collection, and a unique Bonus Mini Game.

3. Grim the Splitter


The last title on the list of notable slots pokies games was developed by Relax Gaming, and it is the most unusual style among the machines mentioned today. Instead of a regular slots spinning experience, Grim the Splitter makes the process look like a card game against a virtual character.

The animations are smooth, and the slots have a unique and distinguishable style. Some of the advanced additional mechanics come with interesting animations and visuals as well. The RTP of the game is 94%, which is lower than average, but its maximum winnings multiplier reaches x10,000. Moreover, the game has several progressive jackpots for the users to chase.