How Can We Solve the Problem of Plastic Waste?

The earth is home to millions of species of plants and animals as well as countless ecosystems. We ourselves call various ecosystems our home and co-exist on this planet with other living organisms. However, there is one problem that is slowly destroying all environmental aspects of our dear planet at a steady rate – plastic.

Plastic waste is not a new environmental problem. The material has been around for ages now and is one of the most widely used materials today because of its ease of manufacturing, durability and use. While it is extremely useful to us, the material has many major problems that make it a devastating factor for our environment.

Problems like being non-degradable, toxic and straight up harmful for animals and plants make plastic one of the environment’s number one enemies. There are many companies and agencies actively working to solve this issue and you can find out more about them by clicking on this website here.

Many people are concerned about the rising danger of plastic waste and actively look for ways to resolve the problem. If you too are one of them and are looking for ways to solve the ongoing crisis then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will be talking about various ways through which you can easily solve the crisis in a number of simple and easy ways. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

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Reduce usage of single-use plastics


While we strongly recommend that you avoid using plastic items altogether, there are some essential items that are just too convenient to be avoided such as hard-plastic bottles or food containers. That being said, oftentimes we encounter items that are made for a single time use and are usually discarded as soon as their function ceases to exist.

The prime example of such products is packaged water bottles, polythene bags, straws and cups. Since they are used only once, they are quickly thrown away and this only leads to a piling up of unnecessary waste consisting mostly of polythene and other such polymers. We strongly urge you to avoid using these products at all cost and instead opt for multi-use options.

It is also imperative that you take the initiative to businesses and refuse purchasing plastic products that come with the single use label. Either take your own storage items and utensils to cover up the lack or firmly tell the business to use eco-friendly alternatives for packaging that can not only help them become environmentally friendly but also improve business reputation.

Urge your city to use smart bins

There is a new trend going on in many cities around the world that have started stepping towards a greener and sustainable future and that trend is opting for smart bins. These smart bins are garbage bins that have advanced technological features installed in them that recognizes garbage and compresses it so it occupies less space.

This also helps the garbage bin stay relatively empty and when it does get full, an automatic signal is sent to nearby garbage trucks that informs them of the pickup. This is one of the most efficient ways of garbage disposal since it saves fuel, time and also helps plastic get sorted out from the rest of the garbage for easy recycling.

Recycle as much as you can


We know it can be hard to recycle every plastic item you have in the house but there are many homeowners and individuals that have come up with innovative ways of recycling that you can adopt in your own home or business store. For example, cutting the top end of your single-use plastic water bottles and using them to store your plants can not only give you a good flowerpot to work with but also make your home look more decorative.

The more you recycle and reuse the products you have, the better you can make an impact on the environment near you. You’d be surprised to know that only a small amount of plastic that gets created ever gets recycled and that has been one of the most major factors for the sudden increase in the polymer waste in oceans and the environment.

Participate in cleanups

Just recently, a team initiative called TeamSeas started by a youtuber took the world by storm and inspired everyone who got to know about it to clean their nearby beaches and water bodies of plastic waste. You’d be surprised to know that many cleanup initiatives and programs start on a regular basis but hardly see a noticeable attendance of volunteers.

Participating in one of these cleanups and providing a hand to help mother nature can be one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of waste littering our shorelines and rivers.

Sign petitions and bans against plastic use


Considering the environmental harm plastic waste possesses, many countries have started banning the use of regular polymer products and are instead encouraging businesses and citizens to opt for renewable and sustainable alternatives instead.

However, there are many countries where using plastic is still not banned and in countries like these it is your responsibility as a citizen to start petitions that ban the use of single-use plastic products. Remember, when you raise your voice and take action against the environmental harm we are doing to our earth, only then industries and businesses will realize the true gravity of their actions.

Avoid products that have microbeads

Last, but not the least, you should definitely avoid products that contain any sort of microbeads made from polyethylene or polypropylene. This type of plastic is a lot more common than you’d have guessed and is found in most face washes, scrubs, toothpaste and any product that gives you a “rubbing sensation” when you use it.

There are many organic alternatives to obtain that same effect and sensation which is why it should be your number one priority to avoid any microbead products you see on the market.


There are several ways through which you can easily resolve the problem of plastic waste. We hope this article was helpful for you in doing just that and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.