How to Start the Ketogenic Diet Without Supplements?

No matter what your social background might look like or what your current interests might be, you must have come across the ketogenic diet, whether it was through the random conversation with a friend or via online add promising miraculous weight loss in no time. There is no such thing as an easy diet and, in the end, everything depends on how dedicated you are. Naturally, the most ideal way to go on a diet is not to use supplements but to consume all of your nutrients through the food you eat, but not everybody believes that is possible. Well, if you want to start the keto diet without taking supplements, read the following lines and learn how.

What is Ketosis and How to Start It?


When you pay no attention to your daily nutrient intake, your body mostly uses carbohydrates as the energy necessary to fuel your system but it also spends fat. Unfortunately, fat is only being used when your body lacks the generated power acquired from carbs, which happens when you spend the carb supplies stashed inside your muscles. Those supplies are known as glycogen and you need to spend them for your body to start using fat as its initial fuel.

Once you exploit all of the carb reserves your body jealously guards, you can expect to enter ketosis. So, what happens then? Well, since fat represents a reserve of energy your system intends on spending once it has nothing else easier to burn, the lack of easily consumable carbohydrates makes it shift the way it fuels itself. Namely, what it does is the transfer of body fats to ketones, which consumes and feeds your muscles and your brain. Surprisingly enough, it is important to base your diet mostly on fats since they make up almost as much as 80% of what your body spends once you enter ketosis, while the rest is mostly proteins.

As you can see, there is no mention of carbs when we mention what your body spends once it enters ketosis, but they are utterly important when the keto diet is in question. They are so important that you need to stay away from them if you want to make this diet functional. Therefore, what you should accomplish is not to eat a milligram more of carbs than 50 grams daily. Backed with physical activity and sufficient amounts of fats, you should be entering ketosis in no time. The condition is solely to spend your glycogen reserves and make your body require more energy to function.

Why Use Supplements in the First Place?


Supplements are not necessarily bad for you, moreover, they are primarily devised to help you get the vitamins and nutrients you otherwise cannot exploit from the food you consume. On the other hand, various supplements contain artificial sweeteners and other chemical products which are never to be seen in natural ingredients. Luckily, if you decide to try the Ketogenic diet you will be able to achieve optimal results as long as you are willing to respect the routine and stick to the rules, without having to spend your money and your time on supplementation. Click here to learn about ketosis in detail and find out all about how to optimize the results with the proper administration of resources.

Surely, supplements can aid you but you do not need them to get into keto. Thus, to increase the effects of your diet you should first start thinking about increasing your physical activity to empty the glycogen reserves. In order not to eat as many carbs as you are accustomed to you should start looking into what you eat. By knowing your food, you will not only be in charge of the carb intake, but you will also be able to modify your habits to treat various health issues without using medication. Namely, individuals who try the ketogenic diet for reasons other than their physique, such as normalizing blood sugar level and lowering the possibility of heart failure, need to eat less than 20 grams of carbs daily and therefore modify their eating habits majorly. Also, people tend to use intermittent fasting to get into ketosis faster, which implies they consume their daily nutrients within an 8-hour frame, while they fast for the rest of the day. By doing so they increase the utilization of their daily food intake so the results they experience are even more satisfactory.

Health Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Diet


Apart from losing a few extra pounds ketogenic diet can work wonders for your body and help you either treat or prevent certain illnesses. It is important to mention that the keto diet was generated via a study that was run to affect the number of epileptic seizures happening to children who do not respond to prescribed medication. This type of treatment should only be done with proper medical supervision and we mention it for informational purposes solely. Apart from the effect it has on the heart and sugar levels as we mentioned earlier, it is also known that keto has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body as well as decreases joint and digestive pain.

While there are numerous health benefits you can expect to experience if you bear up a ketogenic diet, there are also negative experiences that are mostly the product of either the lack of information or irresponsible behavior. Fortunately, most of them are easily regulated if you follow exactly what the doctor prescribed. Jokes aside, but you should always consult a professional before doing things on your own, especially if you have certain health issues.

Dehydration is one of the side effects relatively common, but it is easily held under control as long as you drink enough water or eat foods rich in electrolytes. Thus, instead of supplements, eat more watermelon and avocado, both foods that are low on carbs and that will help you stay healthy. Apart from avocado, eating squash and prunes provide enough potassium citrate for your kidneys to function without obstruction. Also, people who do not control their sugar levels and try a keto diet often enter the state known as ketoacidosis, where ketones are produced while the blood sugar levels stay exalted. Because of ill-treatment or no treatment at all sugar levels cause the blood to be more acidic than it is normal, thus, consulting a doctor before going keto is advised.

Hopefully, you have gathered the pieces of information you have been looking for from the lines above. Since your body was not crafted in a lab, the best what you might do to it should not come in a form of a pill. Even if you only became aware of it from the aforementioned, the choice is solely on you, because no matter if you use supplements or not, you still have a long way to go. Whether you enter ketosis or not depends mostly on your daily intake of food so if you are committed you will get there sooner or later. The supplements will not bestow you with wonders, so rather than unduly expecting any, you might bypass them entirely. Happily we are living in era of technology and technological improvements where you can always use help from different type of applications, websites and different sources. Such one is Noom which review you can check if you click here. You just need to follow steps and success will come.