How to Get Started With Mobile Game Development?

In order to start a certain job, it is not enough just to make a decision to do something. This requires a special approach, since we are primarily concerned with the result. Therefore, before developing a mobile game, it is necessary to properly prepare and possibly engage in game development outsourcing.

Most of the money is spent by users of mobile games, who are also the most active users. In many ways, gaming revenue and user engagement are the reasons why companies decide to create their own mobile games.

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What does the average player look like?


We are talking about a 25-35 year old man who likes to play mobile games on his phone in his spare time. This can sometimes take up to 10 hours a week. He is a family man, whose monthly income is equal to 30 thousand rubles, he loves to spend time with friends, attend some cultural and entertainment events, and rests abroad with his family. Men and women are equally actively interested in games. But the task of every good game is to turn an ordinary user into an active player, increasing his activity through a motivation system in order to get him to play as often as possible.

Which direction to choose?


Most of the popular mobile games are strategies, sports simulators, arcades, shooters, puzzles, dating or social networking, music applications or content projects. The most common business model is freemium, giving 76% of the total revenue for the entire industry, while paid apps without in-app purchases give 20%, paid apps with in-app purchases only 4%.

Where to start developing a game?


The first thing, like in any other niche, is to make a detailed analysis of competitors. Find out if there is a similar product on the market, whether it is popular, whether it brings income, and so on. This is necessary in order to identify all the pitfalls at the initial stages of development.

The next step is to develop a unique idea – the game must be authentic, unparalleled on the market. When looking for a designer who will create layouts for a future game, try to choose those who already have a similar experience, preferably in the direction that interests you. It will be useful to have references to other existing games and applications – they can represent approximate ideas for design elements or game functionality.

You must come up with a story related to your game idea. A game’s story provides motivation for gamers to play. Additionally, it aids in keeping them engrossed and hooked for long periods of time. Consider a game premise, then work hard to figure out how to keep the players entertained.

Remember to make a game design document as well. All the game’s elements will be described in detail in this article. It will also include details on the game mechanics, tools, and technologies you’ll utilize to construct the game, as well as game characters and how the screen will be used. Carefully plan everything out.

Choosing the correct monetization approach ahead of time can assist you in maximizing your return on investment. As a result, choose carefully. In-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription/membership programs are the three most popular tactics. You can charge for the download if you are confident that gamers will enjoy your game and will be prepared to pay for it.

Great attention must be paid to the system of rewards and bonuses that motivate users to turn to the game often – this is a strategic move. This is the secret of user engagement and the key to the popularity of the game.

Game promotion


During the promotion of the game, it is necessary to actively work with social networks, which also implies advertising in communities, news feeds and other people’s thematic applications. Many work with alternative Android app stores, where there is less competition but a higher chance of getting noticed. By the way, the laborious work of promoting a game is usually included in the list of services of agencies that develop games.

Now you need to determine the budget of the game, the time frame and draw up a detailed technical task for the programmer.

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Mobile Game App?


Let’s see how much it would cost to make a mobile game, now that you know how to do it. To be completely honest, the mobile game development cost mostly relies on the following aspects:

  • Type of Game

A casual or single player game would be far less expensive to develop than a multiplayer game. It means that deciding on the game genre is the first step in calculating the projected cost of developing a game app.

  • Technology

The cost of game app development may rise or fall depending on the tools and technologies used.

  • Features

A mobile game app with advanced features (developed utilizing cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more) would cost more than one with basic features.

  • UI/UX Design

The more engaging a game’s design is, the more expensive it will be. As a result, it’s one of the most crucial things to consider when determining the cost of mobile game development.

  • Time Needed To Complete The Final Product

If a mobile gaming app takes a year to develop, it will certainly cost much more than one that takes five to six months.

  • Platforms

The cost of producing an Android game app differs from that of developing an iOS game app; thus, the cost can only be estimated once you choose between the two. You can also create a mobile game for both of these platforms, although this will be more expensive.

  • Post-Launch Maintenance

You can estimate the overall cost of game app creation based on how much maintenance and support your app will require after it is released.

Marketing and promotion are two important aspects to consider when considering how much you will have to pay for gaming app development services.

After you’ve made a list of your options for the aforementioned factors, you’ll have a better notion of how much money you’ll need to spend on mobile game app development. If you are still curious, let us tell you that the cost of developing a mobile gaming app ranges from USD $40,000-USD $400,000 on average.

As you can see, the process itself is not very complicated. The main thing is to adhere to a certain mechanism, and then the project will be really successful and exactly as you planned it. And to find out more click here.