5 Tactics & Strategies to Boost Your Shopify Store Traffic

In case you already run a Shopify store, then you are well aware of the fact that traffic drives the whole buzz of your business. This means that you can have one of the greatest eye-catching e-commerce stores, with the finest quality items, along with the most competitive selling prices as well as thrilled customer reviews. However, unless there are sufficient numbers of people visiting your online store, you will not achieve the sales goals that you have previously defined. Well, this is quite an elementary rule regarding online sales. Actually, its developing process might be a little harder. By 2024, more than 12 million online stores exist. As this number will continue to rise, it will only get harder to drive traffic to your website.

And one of the main contributors to the rise of online stores is Shopify. By using this online store platform the process of establishing an online store has become easier and painless. In this article, you will learn more about the strategies and tactics you can use to boost the traffic to your Shopify store. For more details, check Optinmonster.

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1. Implement paid social media advertising campaigns

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If you want to draw website traffic to your online store, then you must be in a position to bring your business right in front of your most suitable customers. By using paid social media ads, it is possible to develop highly targeted campaigns placing customized ads for the customers with the most probability of clicking on and then ordering your products.

For example, when you use Facebook Ads, you can even automatically present ads to customers who have visited your website. These ads are based on the products which they have previously browsed or placed in their shopping carts. As a result, you can make the most of the traffic you already have by serving these powerful ads to attract users all over again to your website. Moreover, locating hashtags on Instagram and making videos or photos for the purpose of marketing is only several of the Instagram engagement tricks to boost your fan base. Adding Instagram ads has the highest possibility of increasing website traffic and sales. Therefore, in case you have already gathered an audience from Instagram, you are not really taking advantage of it completely unless you have checked out the advertising platforms.

2. Make your Shopify store more optimized for search engine traffic

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Your target customers will do a quick research on their preferred search engines before they are even aware that your store or brand exists. Shopify SEO optimization usually means using highly SEO optimized Shopify templates for your store. Using Google Ads can be a highly effective method of reaching your targeted traffic since you can put your website right before searchers’ eyes. However, in case you are not really into pay-per-click advertising and you would rather push your website towards your intended audience while not spending a penny, searching engine optimization can help you do that.

Search engine optimization involves optimizing your online store to be more easily located by search engines. At this point, you have many options available to you, but most of them start with identifying what your target audience is looking for. The term keywords refer to the words people use in search engines and direct you in your search engine optimization. Geniusecommerce knows exactly how search engine optimization functions properly as well as what is involved in an effective campaign, so if you need help, check them out.

3. Increase your Shopify store traffic using email marketing

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Sometimes it is almost impossible to believe that email continues to be one of the most powerful advertising channels. When it comes to e-commerce, one of the reasons why it is effective is that e-mails can be personalized and automated easily. If you don’t consider your email marketing an element of your strategy that will continually draw traffic to your Shopify store, then you are falling behind. All of us already realize the importance of email marketing. In addition to providing you with an audience ready to be trapped at any time as users who are entirely yours, it also allows you to customize your marketing in order to drive high-conversion traffic to your store.

4. Boost anticipation with contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways represent an excellent chance to gain more followers on Instagram, drive social media engagement, as well as boost the traffic to your website. Most importantly, whenever you do a contest or giveaway, people share the giveaway as soon as they join. In addition, participants will share the giveaway and suggest a friend participate as well. Awards and bonuses are highly appealing ways to attract both new and current shoppers to come and really check out your store.

5. Use influencer marketing to target new audiences

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Influencer marketing refers to the process of developing connections from influencers in order to promote your online store to a new audience. As many as 88% of individuals rely on online consumer testimonials as they would on the recommendations of people they personally know. With influencer marketing, you can take advantage of the out-of-the-box inspiration and reach of relevant influencers as they relate to your particular field, while simultaneously using the confidence they’ve already built among their target audience in order to attract referral traffic to your business.

It is important to always keep in mind your marketing strategy since the level of competition keeps increasing whenever it concerns your Shopify store. Attracting an appropriate amount of traffic will contribute to your store’s success. Consider focusing on developing your strategy that is based on your personal budget and research. You can use your advertising to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness while at the same time drawing in the most targeted potential customers. In addition, think about keeping track of your feed to continue maximizing your exposure to targeted traffic. Always be sure to refresh it as needed while leveraging your most profitable products.