What Equipment Do You Need to Live Stream a Video on YouTube – 2024 Guide

Streaming is a great and fun way to share our experiences in real-time and with everybody online. No matter what activity you are streaming, it’s important to have some equipment secured. This article will include all the important bits one needs to tune into the streaming world on YouTube.

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A recording device or a source of video input

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Of course, we’ll need a way to record when streaming. This will usually be relegated to a computer or phone camera. There are tons of options out there, depending on what sort of setup you are using. Even a laptop cam can come in handy, although it can be more difficult to aim and adjust properly.

Another part of our video source we need to take care of is positioning and mounting. The camera should be pointed in a way most suitable for our streaming needs. On top of that, the mounts will provide us with more freedom in maneuvering the item. This extra mobility is important for those who do not have easy places to perch the camera and is a key part of every YouTube video equipment kit.

Audio source

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While visuals are important, it’s no less important to have some decent sound coming in. The picture is incomplete without both of these things working in tandem. For sound, you should aim to get slightly higher quality than your average laptop microphone. While the cheap ones work for simple video calls, the quality may not be that good for streams.

We recommend getting some of the entry-level microphones. The Blue line of products offers a decent start. Even if you do not have a dedicated jack for the microphone, USB microphones can work just as well. In some situations, these microphones will also require extra mounting capabilities. It will depend on your type of microphone and need. Specifically, aim for mounting options that conform to your type and discern how much mounting assistance you need.

Video encoder

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Next up, we need a way to transfer our video to the item we are using to stream. That’s why video encoders can come in handy. A video encoder converts analog or digital video to another digital video format for delivery to a decoder. This is an important part of streaming equipment that makes all the pieces click.

By utilizing a video encoder, we can take audio and visual content recorded with our devices from the peripherals used to record it and put it up online. There are multiple types of encoders, with hardware and software ones being the most frequently utilized ones and RTMP encoders being reserved for more professional uses.

Practical items for outdoors streaming

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Sometimes, we want to take our streams outside. This will pose a few challenges and require more items that need to be added to our starter kit for YouTube videos. The first thing to get is a bag for all the equipment you aim to use. Camera bags, backpacks to store smaller peripherals and props, batteries, and other items should be considered when going outside with our streaming video equipment kit.

The items included here aren’t all you’ll need. Depending on the type of video or stream you aim to do, there are other items that can be included. Click to know more about some practical devices for when you are going outdoors. They are exceptionally useful if you are aiming to make a YouTube vlogging kit that’s ready for any location.

A place to stream

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Moving back indoors, we have to consider our streaming location. It’s important to have a place where it’s possible to stream without interruptions and with as little ambient noise as possible. The importance of this shouldn’t be understated, as the quality of our streaming can tank heavily if the conditions aren’t right.

We need to consider a few things with the choice of our streaming location. The first one is sound isolation. Nobody likes hearing multiple sources of background noise while looking at a stream. Therefore, the place you pick should be away from any such sources if possible. Avoiding locations that are near windows overlooking the street or adjacent to noisy neighbors is a good start.

Of course, not everybody can find the appropriate streaming location within their household. In these situations, it’s possible to improvise some sound isolation. The egg cartons are the simplest and oldest trick to achieving somewhat decent soundproofing so consider using those to construct a more isolated corner in your living quarters. However, if you can position it right, even a blanket can serve as an alright starting step towards better sound isolation and a decent streaming place.

However, there’s more to a good streaming location than just sound. This location should provide us with enough space for all of our peripherals and offer a decently comfortable position. The importance of comfort shouldn’t be understated, especially if you’ll be streaming for multiple hours at a time. Even if you own a setup that has you standing, such as a standing desk, it’s important to have a comfortable amount of space to maneuver in.

Good internet connection

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On top of all these requirements, it’s also important to have a good internet connection. While streaming is quite accessible in terms of initially required items, considering all the above tools and peripherals can be obtained with very little investment, it does require a somewhat above-average internet connection.

The importance of internet connection factors into the enjoyability of your streams. It’s difficult to have a good experience in a stream if said stream constantly cuts out, lags, and the video buffers.

Check what the required internet connection is for the platform you aim to use for streaming. Considering that Twitch and YouTube are the most popular options for streams nowadays, let’s go over them. Twitch requires upload speeds between 6 and 8 Mbps for good stream quality, while YouTube requires 3 Mbps for good streaming quality.

These are available connection speeds for most ISP packages. However, it’s worth checking whether your ISP is throttling internet speeds or if your location cannot reach the package’s full speed. Check out the currently available speed using tools such as SpeedTest and confirm whether the stream will be decent.