Swedish Stone House – What Makes Them Great

People have been using stones for making huts and walls since ancient times. It has been around for so long that tracing back its exact origin can be a bit difficult. The reason why stone has been so frequently used for building purpose is its sturdiness. It provides a perfect medium for building purpose thanks to its hard texture and longevity. It is not only reliable but it also emits relatively low carbon that also makes it environment friendly.

This is why Sweden is known for using stone as the main material for creating a unique architectural style. The main characteristics are large towers and thick walls. Tourists usually get astonished by the wonderful architectural features and the amazing style of the Swedish buildings and houses. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the Swedish architecture is the twisting skyscraper, also known as the Turning Torso, The moveable church, and so many others.

If you are contemplating your options of what type of house you should go for, then here are all the points that will help you realize that your best option is a stone house.

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Classy Appearance of the house


The first thing that tops the list of benefits all the time is appearance. We all want our house to look good and classy whilst not having to spend much. This is what stone houses offer you. Thanks to their amazing textures, various shapes, and delightful colors, you can have your dream of a beautiful looking house come true. Besides, a good stone is easy to find. It is very easy to use and it is a natural material that is pretty good for using for building your house.

The right architecture with vast experience will know how to utilize the stone to achieve the look you want. It is just important to discuss all the details that are important to you, so you can put together a plan that will, later on, be turned to reality. There is no doubt that the look of the house depicts the personality of the owner, so make sure you think about every detail long and hard since it will be harder later to make changes. Do your best to create the home of your dreams that you and your family will enjoy and spend numerous years together.

Heat retaining


Since the stone has high thermal mass density, it has the ability to store massive amounts of energy inside. This is crucial for being warm during winter. It stores heat all day long slowly and gradually and retains it for a long period since its thermal mass is high. Then it gives off this heat when the day temperature starts getting low and day turns into night.

Hence, stone houses keep the house cool during the hot summer day while warm during the cool night. Therefore in countries like Sweden, where the temperature is temperate, stone houses are perfect. In Sweden, Unika Stenhus stone houses are quite famous for they provide the best heat-retaining.

Environmentally friendly & good for health


Stone houses are not only good for the environment but your health as well. They have low carbon in their composition and no toxic materials. This is a very important aspect to consider, especially if you have small kids and you want to ensure that their childhood is safe and healthy. One can never be too careful about the ways to protect the health of the children.

Low carbon and the fact that there are no toxic materials make it a green material for building. This means that it does not harm the environment and human health. Nowadays when people are doing everything they can to turn to nature and preserve the planet, being able to contribute is truly worth admiring and it brings a certain sense of satisfaction that you are doing something good.

Durable houses


The ancient buildings made of stone still stand perfectly fine without any major damage. The reason is that stone is highly durable and resilient. It can easily withstand the harshness of any type of weather. This is particularly important for the areas where the weather conditions are quickly changing. It is important to choose the material that will be able to endure the test of time and all the weather conditions that it faces.

It provides protection against so many threatening factors such as bugs, moisture, heat, wet walls and so many other things that can destroy our peace of mind. But, thanks to the water and bug proof stone walls, people living in stone houses do not have to face that.

The stone also provides immense resilience that makes it almost indestructible. Thanks to all these qualities of stone houses, you do not have to spend much on its maintenance.



There are so many benefits of stone houses that make it a perfect choice for almost any region. But, most importantly, they are good for a temperate climate like that of Sweden. Hence if you are living in Sweden, you must go and check out the architectural wonders that can be compared to the pieces of art available to everyone to see and admire. Make sure you talk to the expert that will explain to you more about all the details you are interested in so you can achieve the look of the house you want.

Besides, knowing that the house you will make will be there for the generations to come is pretty awesome. There is a reason why you can see stone all across Sweden – it is the material that can give you what you want – the beauty, durability, and protection from the harsh weather conditions. The only thing left for you to do is to take a look at the houses that you like and then implement the most important features in the plan for your future home. Make sure it is a great one!