home maintenance checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist

Every home needs regular maintenance to keep everything in working order. By following a routine maintenance schedule you spot and fix problems before they become emergencies, saving time and money in the long run.

Dividing tasks into quarterly or seasonal chores helps to spread the work out over the course of a year so you aren’t overburdened.  There are lots of checklists and schedules you can adopt, but here are a few suggestions.

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Spring Home Maintenance

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Spring is mostly about cleaning up after the damage of winter. Weather can still be spotty, so it may not be the best time to take on time-consuming outdoor projects.

  • Clean the gutters and use a hose to make sure the downspouts drain properly.
  • Check your exterior walls or siding for any damage.
  • Check the roof shingles, flashing and vents for damage, when the roof is dry and safe to walk on.
  • Clean your windows and repair or replace broken screens.  If you look up window cleaning Canberra, you can find some great services.
  • Trim trees, bushes and hedges. Look for trees that may pose potential hazards to your home or nearby power lines.
  • Service your A/C units in preparation for summer.

Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is the ideal time to make intensive repairs that you can’t do in other seasons.

  • Paint your home, if needed. Repair any damage to siding or other exterior surfaces.
  • Inspect and repair any exterior fences. Paint and seal them as needed.
  • Flush your water heater. Remove any built-up sediment.
  • Replace windows and exterior doors as needed.
  • Inspect your furnace in preparation for the next winter.
  • Repair or resurface your driveway.

Fall Home Maintenance

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In the fall you want to do what’s necessary to get your house ready for winter. If you have put off any outdoor chores, this might be your last chance to get them done, before winter sets in.

  • If you have central air conditioning, winterize it.
  • If you have a chimney, clean it. Either call a chimney cleaning service or do it yourself.
  • Winterise your exterior hose bibs by covering them with foam covers.
  • Remove leaves and debris from your yard and any ponds or water features you might have.

Winter Home Maintenance

With colder weather focus on cleaning and organizing the interior of your house. Unless there is an emergency you won’t have the time or leisure to do extensive exterior repairs.

  • Check your hoses and exterior water lines for freezing.
  • Clean your basement, garage, and other interior spaces that get neglected during nicer weather.
  • After storms or heavy snowfall, check the exterior for any downed branches or other potential problems.

Monthly Home Maintenance

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There are chores you should do on a monthly basis. Check safety devices and make sure your water and air systems are running smoothly.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector buttons to make sure they work. Replace batteries as needed.

Performing regular maintenance checks and dealing with any issues keeps your home in good running order and helps to preserve its comfort and value.