The Best Shapewear Is About Comfort and Not Constriction

The core values of shapewear is to provide as much comfort as possible in comparison to corsets. Corsets have a reputation of being too tight and constricting, but most women had to wear them, especially in the olden days. They did not have the kind of choices that we are spoiled with, in the modern world.

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, was responsible for women feeling the squeeze so that they can have the perfect hourglass body shape. This led to many years of uncomfortable trips to the bathroom. Major celebrity Kim Kardashian also encouraged the trend by wearing three tight pairs at once for her Instagram posts. A lot of women are now seeking more comfortable shapewear rather than having to put up with a very tight and uncomfortable feeling all day.

Women Want to Feel Comfortable

These days, more people are embracing comfort and body positivity. Having the utmost perfect shape is not such a preference anymore because most people want to feel as comfortable as possible. They want to love their body type and enhance those natural curves rather than squeeze themselves to look in a certain way. A lot of companies are moving away from the outdated idea of compression and are focusing their efforts on modern style and comfort.

Women Want Smoothness and Not Skinniness

More women of different ages and body types are preferring to go for a smooth silhouette rather than a very skinny one. According to Haute Flair, they also want the best shapewear that they can wear for every occasion and not just weddings or special events. That is why it is more important to choose comfort.

Women prefer shapewear that they can wear for several hours, instead of one that hurts because of how tight it is. Many women want to show off their curves and not have to force themselves to look skinny.

Women are Taking Pride in Their Natural Figure

Shapewear used to have a negative reputation, and many women did not want to admit having it in their wardrobe. That is why there is a higher preference for natural shapewear that is not too tight so that they can take pride in their figure.

Then people would not have to hide the fact that they are wearing it under their dress. In the past, shapewear used to be about hiding the bulges that lower someone’s self-esteem. Now it is about empowerment and feeling a little more confident with a silky-smooth kind of comfort. More women are being open about wearing shapewear and enjoy the way it simply highlights their curves.

Fashion does not have to be painful anymore. Wearing something too tight that makes it difficult to move around is not an option a lot of women want anymore. They are seeking shapewear that makes them feel comfortable, especially if they have to wear it for a very long time. Women do not want to struggle to breathe or eat when they are trying to enjoy a night out with friends or a date night with their partner. There are ways to still look good without having to endure any kind of suffering.