The difference between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services

When it comes to IT support, there are really two things that you could consider. You can wait for a device to break down, and then fix them, which is a service known as a “break/fix” service. With managed IT service, you hire an expert who will watch over the IT infrastructure in your company. They monitor and maintain your software and device before they break. Of course, there are several things that are different between the two types of IT support. Are you wondering which one is best for you? Well, let’s take a look over the two methods:

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The Break/Fix Method

There is not much to say about the break/fix services, mostly because it is exactly what the name implies. When something in your IT infrastructure (like the computers, systems, or software) break down or malfunctions, it is up to you to call a service provider. From there, they will come to the location and fix the problem while you wait. Break/fix was the old way of doing things around the company. In the early days of technology, most companies did not have a need for constant IT support because they did not have a lot of things that could break. Of course, that has dramatically changed, however, some companies might still insist on the old method, mostly because they are too stubborn or lazy to change.

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When to choose the break/fix services?

You should choose it if:

  1. You have a lot of money to spare on expensive problems.
  2. You do not really have a lot of technology in your office that needs maintenance.
  3. You are okay with downtime and delays which can impact the generation of profit.
  4. You have a team of IT experts on-site that can fix the problems when they occur.
  5. You have time to wait for the expert to troubleshoot and solve whatever problem happens.

The Managed IT Services Method

When your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7, there is not a lot of things that can go wrong. Any issue that occurs can be resolved quite quickly. Rather than being called in when it is necessary (like the break/fix method), managed IT services choose to be proactive. With the increase in popularity of various devices, multiple servers and specialized programs, and a more advanced IT infrastructure managed IT services become more popular than the other method. According to the experts from Radius Executive IT Solutions, there are four ways that managed services can change small, medium, and large sized businesses, and they are: improved operational performance, cost avoidance, reduced operation risk, and accelerated innovation. These services are more reliable and less expensive, which provides a win-win situation for both managed service providers and modern businesses.

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When to choose managed IT services?

You should choose it if:

  1. You want flat and agreed-upon prices that occur on a monthly basis.
  2. You want to have experienced technicians all the time.
  3. You want to outsource the IT department to save money
  4. You want constant stability for the organization’s IT infrastructure
  5. You want a guaranteed system that s backed by a binding SLA.


When compared, the victor is obvious. Break/fix methods do not simply fit into the modern technological environments of most companies. However, with managed IT services, businesses can get constant monitoring and maintenance, and these services will support what they need for a cheaper price.