8 Best Spy Software for iPhone

Mobile phone spyware gives you a complete and discreet insight into everything your children, emotional partner or employees are doing on the phone. In this way, you can protect your children from many inconveniences, prevent confidential business information from falling into the hands of the competition, or remove doubts about your partner’s fidelity.

Detective software for tracking iPhones is very easy to install. You can do this yourself with the detailed instructions that you will get.

Smartphone tracking software enables: automatic recording of conversations, listing of all outgoing and incoming calls, insight into E-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. – insight into everything is typed on the phone as well as all passwords, recording SMS and MMS messages, GPS location, photos taken with this device, turning all apps on and off, browser history, turning on the front and rear cameras and watching live what’s happening, listening and recording the environment, help in case of phone theft or loss and many other things for you to do these best spy software for iPhone. And according to Echospy, you can use these to track a cheating spouse.

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What exactly are spy software?


You can access all the phone’s activities you are spying on via your smart phone or computer at any time. This is the safest way to find out where your child, partner or employee is. By remotely monitoring and controlling everything that happens, you will remove doubts and worries, prevent unwanted consequences and remain undetected.

Also, with each software you get detailed instructions for quick and easy installation that takes a few minutes. After installation, all traces from the menu disappear and you can freely spy on all activities.

The next option is to access your personal control web panel with various options. All information you record is available only to you on a website that only you can access using your password. The only condition is that you have internet.



You have access to all the events that you may not have known about, but now you can also get a complete record of their course.

In addition to being able to watch, you also have the option of blocking all applications that seem inappropriate to you.

2. Cocospy


You can calm down and stop worrying too much about whether the child will go to certain illegal places before and after school. Now you can easily monitor it in those moments. With GPS tracking you can be 100% sure of its location.

Also, you can’t break trust and jeopardize your and your child’s relationship because he can’t detect you. It is very easy to use like other software, you get data very quickly and it is possible from anywhere. So that in any situation you can monitor your child by transferring all activities to your panel.

With this advancement in technology, you can further protect your child and his rights for an unbeatable price. Nothing is more valuable than the safety of children, but now for a small amount of money you can be informed about every movement that the phone records. Most of them have a demo version, so you can see for yourself.

3. mSpy


Another outstanding software that is in high demand due to several of its features. It has interested many users with its functions such as tracking the arrival and departure of messages, insight into the list and call details, as well as displaying the location on the map and many others.

It is suitable for various tracking situations, and another important feature is tracking the browsing history, but also the time, date and duration of call. With this simple navigation, you can eliminate all potential dangers that may befall you, and the biggest ones are related to children.

So you can protect the dear people around you and get information that allows you to monitor them.

4. Spyic


This is the third, but equally fantastic thing that brings you more benefits. You get a complete record of the duration and time of the call, as well as information about other changes that have taken place.

This highly sought-after system on the market allows you to undertake a very easy task and easily master these extremely advanced functions..

5. Spyfone


Spyfone is an application that has been downloaded several million times, which speaks of its quality. You will have a complete insight into the phone in which the app is installed. From the location, through calls to all contacts in the phonebook. It also has a lost phone option, as well as a panic button, which, for example, your child can use if he finds himself in a dangerous situation.

6. Flexispy


As good as the others, but also a mysterious espionage system. You get the necessary feeling of calm that allows you to function without stress every day. The reason for that is the safety of the child’s phone without aggressively endangering their privacy. You eliminate the possibility of digital attacks, inappropriate sites and other online risks.

7. Hoverwatch


By owning this thing you become invisible in just a few minutes! It’s not magic, it’s another surveillance and spying software. You will not easily resist the charm that this complete system offers you.

Strong results contribute to that, and on the other hand, ease of use. As we have already said, the great thing is that you are hidden all the time, so you do not have pressure and a certain amount of time for which you have to be ready. Your target will do things as before without any doubt that someone is supervising him.

8. Highster Mobile

You can take advantage of a very good option in about 10 minutes. This option offers you all the above-mentioned options with which you can reach your goal. The benefits of this system only make it easier for you to spy, and the end results can only bring you positive results.

With no monthly fees and free use, you have a complete overview of everything.


Complete supervision of the partner will confirm or dispel doubts, and you will have irrefutable evidence and, most importantly, preserve dignity. Employee tracking software will provide you with answers and compelling arguments.

When it comes to child protection, you have never been more confident in the safety of your children with these softwares. You can have a complete insight into their life outside the home. Take the right moves on time and meet the culprits and spare yourself unnecessary expenses and sleepless nights.