The Many Advantages of Dark Car Windows

Normally, cars get sold with standard equipment. But there are many possibilities to level up your car by adding further equipment such as special steering wheel designs or certain key fobs to hang from the rearview mirror.

One of the most useful extras for every car is window tint. For that purpose, there are so-called window films. Those are special plastic or synthetic-material panes that get attached to all windows except the windshield. But what exactly are the advantages of tinted windows? What makes it a useful car accessory?

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Privacy and Protection

First and foremost, one of the most significant advantages of dark windows is the privacy that it ensures. Not only if there is something stashed in the car that should not be recognized from the outside, but also if you do not want someone to have a look at you if you are driving around. Especially in cities, where there are many traffic lights, you might have to stop the car from time to time. In these situations, it is definitely nice to know that no one is able to watch you do whatever you are up to while you are up to in your car. And as soon as you leave the car, you can simply leave things like your wallet or your cell phone in the car without taking the risk of attracting car thieves to crack a door open in order to steal your valuables.


A car with tinted windows always looks better. If you want to improve the look of your car, you only need to invest a little time and some money and you will see the results immediately.


There are different tints and we can be creative with them. The back window is an incredibly attractive place to place an advertisement. The drivers behind us in the traffic jam will inadvertently read the information contained in it, as will people passing by our car in a parking lot or other public places.

Reduced light and UV rays permeability

Another important aspect is the protection from the steadily increasing threat such as the sun. With their high UV level, they endanger your health. Window films with UV protection, however, can filter the UV rays and protect your skin from getting tanned/burnt which is especially useful for those of you who spend days in the cars, working. If you like to get more information on this topic, take a look at