The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Is Finally Set For Release

After over a year of anticipation and expectancy, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is finally set for release this month. Penciled in for a June 2019 release date, the new digital whiteboard promises vast improvements on the original Surface Hub model, with the thinner, sleeker and faster design seeking to change the way teams work together.

The innovative new device was first announced in May 2018, while further details were revealed just last April as Microsoft demonstrated some of the main features and confirmed when it would become available. In short, the Surface Hub is designed to transform every day meeting zones into truly collaborative, team-based zones, providing an investment which is certainly worth making. Kinly explains more about the Surface Hub 2 and its benefits.

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What is the Surface Hub 2?

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is an all-in-one digital whiteboard which is designed to inspire collaboration in the modern workplace. It offers a stunning 4K display and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps such as Teams, Edge and Office, providing the perfect platform for video conferencing and brainstorming sessions.

It’s important to note that it’s the Surface Hub 2S which is due for imminent release, and the more advanced 2X model won’t be available until 2024. The 2S offers a 50.5-inch display alongside an upgrade on the existing Surface Hub software; while the 2X provides more advanced systems and innovative features such as dynamic rotation.

However, the 2S can eventually be fully upgraded to match the capabilities of the 2X, so you won’t be missing out on these advanced features by purchasing the earlier model. In Microsoft’s own words, “the Surface Hub 2S brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork” and runs off an i5 quad-core processor, providing teams with a cutting-edge collaboration solution.

How Much Will Surface Hub 2 Cost?

Initially launching in North America, the 50-inch Surface Hub 2S is priced at $9000 – around £7100 – so they clearly aren’t designed for the everyday consumer. Instead, these innovative displays are built for thriving modern businesses, integrating into workspaces of all shapes and sizes and ensuring nothing stands in the way of effective collaboration.

The overall cost of the 2S, however, may well depend on how you plan to use the device. Microsoft has also released a range of innovative accessories to make the display more mobile, with Steelcase Roam stands, wall mounts and APC chargers all available to those who want to collaborate in different spaces. With all the additional extras in place, the overall cost comes much closer to $12,000.

The Benefits of Surface Hub 2

Connect with Remote Workers

The Surface Hub 2 is a stunning display which brings teams together from all over the world, with the 4K visuals proving particularly valuable to those who utilize video conferencing solutions. Through the device, teams can start a conference call with just the simple tap of a finger, while the crystal-clear audio and video provides remote workers with the sense of being in the same room with other participants.

Keeping remote teams connected is essential for successful flexible working practices, and the Surface Hub 2 ultimately makes it easier for workers to collaborate from different places – allowing them to share content, communicate and connect across multiple devices effortlessly.

Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions

The sheer size and user-friendliness of the Surface Hub 2 make it absolutely perfect for creative brainstorming sessions. Since sharing and annotating files in real-time is so simple, the device has the power to turn average meeting rooms into spaces which truly inspire teamwork, with the digital pen allowing users to interact naturally.

Boost Productivity

In the UK, far too many meetings are considered to be unproductive, with employees becoming increasingly unengaged with sessions which involve listening to a sole speaker or host. Instead, they want to take part in more interactive meetings which encourage them to participate in the conversation and, more importantly, work together.

The Surface Hub 2 provides the tools and technology required to make the most of your meeting rooms, ensuring that sessions become much more activity-based and enjoyable – regardless of whether attendees are based remotely or in the same room. This is a device which brings teams closer together, improves the overall meeting experience, and inspires new ideas.