The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Peru

Peru has for a long time been on many people’s bucket list as far as exotic destinations are concerned. With all this versatile South American country has to offer this is not so hard to understand. From the Pacific coast, Andes Mountains to the Amazon rainforest, Peru is just overflowing with things to do and places to see. If you are considering planning a visit to this Latin American paradise, here are a few things that should definitely feature on your itinerary:

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1. Visit Machu Pichu

Not many people know a lot about Peru, but it seems everyone knows about Machu Pichu. Whether you learned about it in geography class or you saw it in your favorite adventure epic film, chances are that you have always wanted to visit.

So if you go to Peru, this should definitely be on your to-do list. Hike the Inca Ruins trails and get to take in all the beauty that this iconic landmark has to offer. It is definitely worth all the hype.

2. Trek the Quilcayhuanca–Cojup

Peru has a lot of trekking and hiking trails from the Andes Mountains to the multiple ruins around. Nothing, however, comes close to what the Cordillera Blanca has to offer. This trek will definitely challenge your fitness. However, the peace, quiet and never-ending supply of views makes it all worth it.

3. Be a community tourist at Lago Sandoval

This allows you to live not only among but like native Peruvians and it is an experience like no other. You get to take in the culture from a firsthand point of view which makes it unique from any other activity you might participate in. The region also offers a lot in terms of outdoor activities like the hiking trail from Madre de Dios to Lake Sandoval that is a must-visit. You could also take that chance to explore the nearby jungle for a little more fun.

4. Appreciate the wildlife at Manu National Park

Peru is one of the world’s remaining Megadiverse Nations. This is a title given to countries that have unique species of wildlife surviving. At this iconic park, you will get to see rare animals like jaguars, tayras, giant armadillos and pumas.

The park is also home to some pretty unique birds like the great tinamou, Spix’s guan, the rufescent tiger-heron, and the blue-and-yellow macaw. And these are just a few of what you have to look forward to at this Peruvian wildlife sanctuary.

5. Enjoy authenticPeruvian cuisine

Peru is the origin of some of the most iconic Latino dishes enjoyed all over the world. These include things like ceviche mixto and empanadas. On your visit, you want to make sure that you have the original thing. It will change your life. For something a little more different, you could try their Guinea pig meat. It is a traditional delicacy that you might not find anywhere else.

6. Wash it down with signature Peruvian drinks

If you want a little alcohol to wash down all the amazing food, Pisco is the way to go. This is a grape brandy that is native to Peru. You can even make a whole trip out of it and go for a tasting tour at one of the haciendas in Bodega Tacama. If Pisco doesn’t do the trick for you, you could try cocktails made with cane spirit known as Caña Alta this is a lot sweeter and makes for the most decadent mixes you will find in the country.

7. Meet and interact with the people

Finally, make sure to take time to interact and spend time with the locals. According to Peruvian women, in particular, are a great company with their combination of inner strength, outer beauty and incredible ability to live in the moment. There won’t be a dull second your entire trip if you have one of these chicitas on your side.