How do Thieves Steal Your Identity? Protect Yourself – 2024 Guide

Identity theft is a much more common problem than we think and it is necessary to take all possible steps to protect ourselves from it. Thieves access our personal information in a variety of ways and that is why you need a reliable plan to prevent them from doing so. Many people are unaware of the risks and take insufficient measures to protect their data. One of these measures that have proven effective is

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How can someone steal your identity?


Data can be accessed in several ways and is easiest via the Internet. The most common case is that a person sends personal data via email, believing that they won the prize game, and the theft of personal data is also possible through social networks and various websites. In addition to theft via the Internet, there are also personal approaches, ie theft of wallets with personal documents and all valuable data such as your insurance account number, credit card pin, and many other important data.

How can thieves misuse your data?


One of the scenarios that can happen is that you run out of money from your account. Unfortunately, this is not the worst thing that can happen. Since he has access to all the necessary personal data, the thief can apply for a loan or issue a credit card in your name, which will further lead you into debts that you will have to settle. Besides, your health insurance can be misused for personal purposes, and it can also be resold to other criminal groups on the dark web. The social number could bring the thieves a profit in the form of a tax refund. People must understand that identity theft is much more common than we can even imagine. Visit:

The US government considers this crime a federal crime, so the team is sentenced to 2 years.

What is the best way to protect yourself from this?


It is in your best interest to protect your data in all possible ways. What any person can do to reduce their chances of becoming a victim is this:

Use passwords on all devices

Research has shown that very few people use the security options of their mobile devices, although there are several options for this – password, fingerprint, face recognition, and many others. Well, half of Americans think it’s unnecessary, not realizing the risks they take. Experts compare the importance of a password with the importance of a door on the house – an unprotected phone is like a house with a cheese door open. The use of strong passwords or a combination of several types of protection, such as fingerprints and passwords, is recommended. It is also advisable to change the code from time to time, choosing an equally difficult one.

Turn off the credit card option

This is a very simple and very common method of data misuse because these cards have your name and personal data on them, so it is best to unsubscribe from this offer to make sure it does not happen.

Credit reports


All are entitled to three credit reports during the year, after which you can purchase them through one of the three national credit reporting agencies.

Make your passwords different

Many people use one password or PIN for all accounts, as this makes it easier for them to remember the codes. However, what you consider practical is something that puts you at great risk, because if someone breaks your password on one account, it will be easy to access others because you have made his job easier. The password in the form of your name and year of birth, as well as the PIN code with the date of birth, turned out to be a big mistake. Passwords that are a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters are recommended, with the addition of numbers and some characters.

Choose internet banking as a secure way to pay

Apart from being a secure way of transactions, internet banking is also very practical, because there is a mobile application through which you can pay bills and transfer money from one account to another in a safe way. To access this application, you need a code that only you need to have access to.

Internet banking allows you to monitor your account balance at any time. What you can additionally do is open a network account with your loan and credit card information from each bank and check it periodically to make sure there were no unauthorized transactions or charges.

Many did not know that thieves can steal checks from your mailbox, so it is recommended to pay the bill only when you use your home WI-FI or from some other secure network.

A social security number is something only you need to know


If this number ends up in the hands of another person, big problems can arise, but also costs, of course, to your detriment. It is recommended that you do not carry this card with you, but keep it in a safe place. Never write down the Social Security Number on a piece of paper that will fit in your wallet and do not write it down in another, equally predictable place. As with the previous item, never send it online if you are connected to an insecure Wi-Fi network, and in any case, do not enter the number on unsecured websites. Even when you are at the counter and clerk, you need to dictate the number or present the card, be careful, and make sure no one sees the number.

Keep your passwords safe

We have already mentioned that it is a big mistake to use the same password for all accounts. An even bigger mistake is if you write them all down on paper and put them in your wallet or put them on your phone so you don’t forget them. With this move, you have served everything to thieves on a tray, so that they will easily access all accounts and data without any effort.

You should never provide personal information

You may have already been in a situation where a company or bank is asking for your personal information over the phone. If that happens, we are waiting for the red alarm, because you need to know that no legitimate organization is allowed to request it by phone call.