Things We Can Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine

We are going through difficult times due to the COVID-19, where one of the most important measures to avoid being infected is to stay home. We are in quarantine and perhaps for some people staying at home is normal, but for many who had a very fast life and away from home it is difficult.

That is why it is recommended to do several activities that can compensate for the free time you have at home, in this way we will avoid stress and anxiety, pay attention and discover some of the hobbies you can do during the quarantine.

It is very common that when we do not have something to do at home, we start to watch a series or movies that we did not see before due to lack of time.

But, what if we no longer have any series to watch or we have already seen almost all the movies that caught our attention? You can choose to read a good book that will help you in your professional life or perhaps a novel of the subject that you like the most so that you can hang out. But these activities are for that for the moment, take advantage of the time that you are only in your favor.

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Learn a new language

If you have always been called to learn to speak another language, this is your chance, being alone at home will help you to concentrate better and learn quickly, several applications on the internet will help you learn the basic things of a new language, or you can use to youtube, where there are free virtual classes, and to practice what you have learned to use your social networks and start chatting or writing with people who speak the language you are learning.

Clean your house

Since you are going to be at home for a long time, it is good that you do a thorough cleaning and protect yourself from the viruses and bacteria that are found in your home. To eliminate viruses and bacteria, use disinfectants that are appropriate for this task, place antibacterial gel in various places in the house, and from time to time purify the air in your home using palo santo or aromatic herbs that have properties and benefits for your health.

Exercise and stay healthy

Being quarantined does not mean that you must lie down, eat, and sleep. You should know that exercise is recommended every day, in this way you can increase your defenses and strengthen your immune system. Remember to exercise your body you do not need machines or weights to help you do them, you can do exercises at homes such as aerobics or yoga and within your practice, you can use aroma diffusers with citrus essential oils such as lemon or Palo Santo.

Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens contains a high concentration of limonene, a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent and helps to strengthen your immune system and increase your defenses to prevent/counteract respiratory diseases, common flu, COVID-19 / Coronavirus, allergies, asthma, cough, migraine, stress, tiredness, etc. See more at EcuadorianHands.

Make new friends

Within the quarantine, taking advantage of using our social networks to socialize or meet new people is a very good option. Talk to your friends who studied with you at school or that you did in childhood, contact your relatives who are far from you and have not seen each other in a long time.

Keeping in touch with people in real-time has never been easier, take advantage of free time, strike up a good conversation, you can share news, encourage and make others feel that they are not alone and that you are thinking about them.

Learn to cook

If you did not cook before because you did not know and did not have time to learn or practice, it is now that you take advantage and learn to make these delicious dishes that you like so much or that you ever saw on television and you were left wanting to try it. On the internet and YouTube there are thousands of easy recipes to make, go ahead and learn to cook, cook your family and surprise them, and if you want, upload a photo to your social networks of how you prepared that delicious food and thus you are interacting with the outside world.

Take a relaxing bath

In these moments where we are living a period of anxiety and anguish, it is good that we relax and there is nothing better than taking a relaxing bath that makes us forget about our worries and anxiety. You can use scented candles, essential oils, or natural soaps that are made from essential oils. Some aromas help us relax, such as lavender, mint, Palo Santo and others.

Clean your products

If you have a lot of makeup or other beauty products, take the time to discard expired, broken, or unused items. Many of the beauty products such as sponges or brushes can get to accumulate many bacteria, wash your beauty instruments and discard things that are expired.

Order your clothes

Another activity that you can do is to order your clothes, this is something that without time or with time we never do, in our wardrobe we have clothes from years ago that maybe we don’t even use anymore. It is time to take out all your clothes, order what you no longer use, you can give it away or donate it to the people who need it most right now.

Make crafts with your children

A hobby that never fails and is ideal if you have children or younger siblings is making crafts, you can do, puppets, figures with popsicles, or maybe you can put together a puzzle.

Spend time with your pets

If you couldn’t play or spend time with your pets before, now is the time to do it and take advantage of this opportunity. Play with your pet, feed it, dedicate a bath, comb it, and most importantly, try to use their energy and distract themselves during quarantine, not taking it into account can cause anxiety.

Do not let quarantine cause discomfort in your life, overcome boredom with all these options you just read, remember it is important that our mental and emotional health is stable at the moment. Being happy and carefree helps us to be with our body’s defenses high.