Tips for Buying Your Next Pickup Truck

Pickup truck have become one of the most popular ways of transportation for most people in the United States, but it is also popular in other parts of the world too. It is a vehicle that gives you the ability to do a lot more than just use it as transport for people. If you need to carry valuable equipment every day you go to work, you want to help a friend move or you want to get your ATV to dirt hills where you can ride it, a truck is the only solution.

However, it can certainly be hard to choose the right one since there are hundreds of different models that offer different features. It can be especially hard if you have never owned this type of vehicle before. Picking the one that suits you is more than just about the power of the engine and the color of the exterior. Be sure to take your time and try checking sites like Jacars, for more information or a quick way to search for some options.

Here are some tips you need to know about before you buy your next pickup truck.

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More expensive than regular cars

Unfortunately, trucks ask for a much heftier price which is justifiable considering how bigger they are than regular cars. Not only they offer more features than premium cars they also offer a lot of room too. So if you have only owned sedans and compacts in the past, you should prepare for a price that will be much higher.

While the average selling price for a compact car in 2019 was around 25,000 US dollars, the pickup’s price goes well over beyond that. The average price is very close to $50,000 which is double then what you used to pay.

So, before you start spending your money here and there, you should get an idea about what your budget should look like and then start deciding about the specs for your pickup. If the vehicle is for personal use only, then try to keep the budget as low as possible since cheaper models can give you the same features that you would get with a premium.

If you are planning to use the vehicle for your business or your just, you should talk with your company to pay a percentage of the price or if they are willing to buy it themselves. That way, both you and the company will have use of the pickup.

On, buying second-hand trucks has a much better price per performance than getting a brand new one.

What are you going to use it for?

This is one of the first things you will need to ask yourselves when you finally decide that you are going to buy one. If you do not have a certain idea why you really need the extra size of a pickup and you just want to have the freedom of extra space, we recommend that you consider getting a midsize one as they can be much cheaper than full-size.

In the mid-size segment, there are a lot of options such as the GMC Sierra 1500, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado, Jeep Gladiator and many more. They are also much easier to maneuver through city streets while they still provide you with many of the features that full-size ones offer.

However, if the reason why you are buying such a vehicle is that you need the extra utilities to carry heavier and bigger items in the back, then you should definitely consider getting a larger pickup. If you plan on carrying various heavy materials through dirt roads, then you should probably consider one of the models that offer four-wheel drive for better traction.

How much weight will you be transporting?

It is also important to have a clear idea of how heavy the stuff you are going to carry around will be. Since every truck has a different weight limit, it are split into three different categories. The models with the lowest transporting capabilities are the light-duty ones usually marked with the number 150 or 1500.

The medium-duty ones can carry a bit more and are often marked with the number 250 or 2500. The last one is the heavy-duty models and they often carry the number 3500 or 350. In the light-duty category, you can find models such as the Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Navara, Toyota Tacoma and a lot of others.

Decide on the engine

If you are not sure which engine will be the right one for you, you should consider both the power of the engine and its fuel economy. In the past, pickups were known for their bad economy and carbon footprint, these days, however, most manufacturers offer multiple engine options than before. Some are much more efficient while some are focused on just raw power.

Keep in mind, most trucks now come with a diesel engine, so avoid looking for a gas one. This type of engine is much better when it comes to towing or transporting cargo as it has a lot more torque. Torque is the power that enables the truck to start rolling when towing on a heavy trailer. You should also consider the laws in your state or country, as diesel trucks are becoming more and more regulated because of their high pollution. Countries that enforce laws over diesel engines usually ask for higher taxes than regular gasoline.

Decide on the size of the bed

When buying a truck, you will have the freedom of choosing the right bed size. Most models today come in many variations that can satisfy anyone. If you want more room for your family or your coworkers in the back you should consider getting a crew-cab since they have a lot more comfortable back seats.

If you want less room in the back and more length on the bed then double-cab is the option for you. For the longest bed and without any seating in the back then go for the regular cab. Our advice is that you get yourself an extended cab truck as it offers the best combination of bed size and room for passengers in the back.