Tips for programming professional software for companies

If you are reading this article it is because you are a business software developer, that is, you are professionally dedicated to the development of management software, either as a freelance or self-employed worker, as a member of a company that is dedicated to the development and sale of systems business, or as a worker in a programming department within a medium or large company.

Whatever your case is, in this article, we will give a few tips and answers for programming professional software for companies if your goal is to develop successful applications for businesses and corporations.

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What is the best program to make applications for companies?

Before the eternal question of which is the best program to make software for companies, the answer like everything in this life is that it depends. As suggested by experts from N-iX, there are programs that have a much longer learning curve than others. Furthermore, there are programming languages that are ideal for large, but also those that are better for smaller companies. Also, this can’t go without us mentioning some of those that are used for almost decades, and even with those being discontinued, people still love them. In any case, in this post, we will talk about software that is used to create business apps and what is the best choice in this niche.

What is the best program to create an ERP?

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a thread in the forum in which a person asked for advice in order to develop an ERP. He literally threw the following doubt:

Your company seems to have the need to develop a new ERP program to replace the one they currently have in Visual FoxPro. Its objective is to develop a basic and standard ERP that includes the most common modules: suppliers, customers, pending payments, accounting, inventory, etc… He also comments that his experience is mainly in Visual FoxPro and his doubts were basically focused on the following issues and which are summarized in the general question, what is the best program to create an ERP?

Convince your customers to implement their business applications in the cloud

The business app development industry has been immersed in a change of purpose for years. Development companies are no longer just mere providers of more or less standard, more or less customized business software, but they are required to provide value and offer services that make companies more competitive.

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In many cases, it is no longer enough to have, for example, a “packaged” accounting program to distribute to a certain sector, and then support and live on it. Development companies are now required to solve problems intrinsic to the client’s business, and not just simply provide support and maintenance to standard software. Lead the strategy of your customers by implementing applications in the Cloud.

Important characteristics of a good analyst-programmer

According to Wikipedia, communication difficulties between analysts and developers (a mere document is not enough to describe what you want to do) gave rise to a category of intermediate professional, called analyst-programmer. The original conception of the programmer has disappeared being replaced by that of a much more trained professional with less “mechanical” functions.

Trends in business software for the coming years

The last 25 years have meant a tremendous change in relation to the software used by companies. Very likely in the next 5 years, we will witness amazing new developments in those apps aimed at solving the demands of business process management.

These trends most likely revolve around cloud-based architecture, mobility improvements, real-time data analysis, improved fraud detection capabilities, and greater niche functionality.