9 Starting Tips For Playing Farming Simulator

While there are many video games with lots of actions, the ability to build characters, fight against other opponents, race, resolve quests, and more, the main point of Tractor Simulator is to enjoy your free time in something less intense, but still very addictive.

The objectives in this game require you to harvest all sorts of goods on your farm. It might sound too easy, but it requires experience and skills to complete the objectives. The current version of the game is FS21, while everyone is waiting for the next update, especially when it comes to fs22 tractors.
When it comes to the main features of this game, the developers managed to create clear graphics and an excellent interface that will let people have quite a realistic experience. The game requires you to be a farmer, and there are no hidden missions rather than that. There might be some similarities with the Truck

Simulator, but only when it comes to being realistic.
If you don’t like conventional and most popular games, maybe this is the perfect option for you. It can be a great way to spend your free time while trying to build and improve your farm. In case that you are a beginner who never played this title before, we have prepared some important tips for you that can help to start in much better way.

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1. Choose a New Farm Mode

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This mode is especially recommended to those who are playing this game for the first time. It will help you to understand basic things like movements and how to use the various tools. You will get land that you will need to harvest with a tractor. If you already played some previous versions of the Farming Simulator, there is no need to go through this process.

2. Look for More Contracts

Another step when you start a game in beginner’s mode is to start looking for contracts. There is a simple interface in the game where you can easily manage to locate and sign contracts in the main menu. There is a tab where you can find a list of available contracts.

We suggest you start by trying to complete as many of them as you can. Also, there is a feature where you can lend some tools that will help you to be more efficient. It might lower the main prize when you complete the task, but you will become better at farming much faster.

3. Properly Manage Your Tools

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The most common mistake beginners are making is that they often collect too much equipment at the start. We understand that it is very interesting to play around with all sorts of tools. Also, there are various features available where you can upgrade the visual features of your vehicle. However, it will require you to spend resources while you will have limited resources at the beginning. Therefore, wait to apply these upgrades later in the game.

4. Star With Simple Options

You should keep in mind that this game is realistic. Therefore, each farming option will require some level of care. Therefore, we suggest you start with simple solutions like Oats, Barley, or Wheat since you will have enough tools and resources to successfully harvest these options right at the beginning. Choosing simple and basic options will help you to start collecting money and upgrade your farm over time.

5. Avoid Animals

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Another common mistake is to start with animals at the beginning. Again, we are aware that it is exciting and interesting to play around, but you won’t have enough knowledge and experience to deal with both plants and animals, which might lead to failure where you might have to start the career from the bottom again. Therefore, focus on plants and create supplies, and then you can deal with animals.

6. Start with Basic Model

There are numerous mods and setting that you can choose from. However, it can be quite confusing if you are playing for the first time. In that matter, start with basic settings and focus on learning more about every aspect of the game, along with different strategies and mechanics. After that, you can play around with mods.

7. Avoid Grass

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We can notice that a lot of players will choose grass as the main resource for farming. However, this option is more complicated, and you will have to learn more about the resources and how to use them in the right way. As we already mentioned, stick to the basic solutions and focus on gathering resources and supplies.

8. Check Online Tutorials

There are tutorials in the game. However, a lot of people said that they can be quite confusing, and you might need more time to manage to get along with the basics. Therefore, we suggest you rely on online tutorials that you can find on YouTube. You can find a lot of videos with step-by-step explanations that will help you to start in a more efficient way.

9. Take Care of the Fields and Equipment

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Since this game is made to represent real farming, you have to know that there is a chance to harm the plants and the vehicle. Learn more about proper driving in the instructions and try to avoid driving over the plants. Also, there are different phases while plants are growing, and it is essential to learn when you should weed them, apply spray weeds, and go for a harvest.

Last Words

There are some options available where you can turn off some features that will make the game much easier. However, if you want to get the most out of this title, we suggest you play in standard mode. That will help you to learn more about harvesting.
The great thing is that there are many missions and tactics available, which provides hours of fun to the players. Still, if you want to build a career and play for a longer time, it is essential to learn these basics rules at the beginning.