Tips And Hacks To Book An Emergency Flights

Booking flight tickets early has always been a tried and tested method to grab cheap flights. But what if some urgent work comes up or you have to rush somewhere to be at the side of your ailing relative who needs help? In such scenarios, you can’t help but go for a last-minute flight that will help you reach your destination in time. Some of us also have a habit of waiting till the last moment for the airline ticket fares to fall but that is a gamble at best in most cases that can be skipped. Here, we have compiled a list of tips that can help greatly reduce your fares in case you ever need to book an emergency flight. Go through these and travel without the sulking feeling of having paid a bomb to book emergency Plane Tickets.

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Compare the costs

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Even if you are caught in an emergency and cannot afford to miss the trip, we suggest you spare a few extra minutes and compare the prices of emergency flights to your destination over various travel websites and airline websites. Some airlines even allow you to book tickets till an hour before departure. Booking airplane tickets at the last minute incur higher costs in most cases but this can be a cool way to grab some discounts by myflightsearch and deals on cheap last minute flights.

Subscribing to price alerts can be of great help

While you launch your search to grab that elusive emergency flight to your destination, don’t forget to click the price alert button available on the top right corner of most websites. By doing this, you would get an instant notification on your mobile phone and email in case the fare for the flight you are eyeing falls suddenly. This is a proven way to reduce your travel costs in case of an emergency and book cheap airline tickets and cheap last-minute flights.

Be flexible with your destination

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If you have made an instant vacation plan with your buddies or loved ones and location is not an issue, then that would greatly boost your chances of grabbing real cheap flight tickets to anywhere including last-minute flights. Lookout for places which are going through an off-season or non-festive season to reduce the travel cost even in case of last minute impromptu plans. Some other destinations are almost always way cheaper than the more prominent ones frequented by the tourists. For example, planning a trip to Ford Lauderdale and the Everglades can help you save a lot in comparison to a Miami trip.

If possible, travel during the middle of the week

Travelling mid-week is another tried and tested method to save on flights fares in case of emergency travel. A lot of travel research points to the fact that flight tickets generally cost lower during the middle of the week. This becomes all the more important in case of emergency flights. Booking an emergency flight during the weekend can really set you back by a lot.

Scout for deals on Social Media pages

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The social media accounts and handles of airlines and travel portals can be a valid source of finding cool deals on emergency flights. If you are a frequent traveler and often face such situations where you have to travel at the last minute, we suggest you to be active on social media and follow the accounts of airlines and travel websites to take advantage of cool offers advertised here. You can also get great vacation ideas on the travel forums of these websites on social media where likeminded travelers discuss their travelogues.

Keep an eye on flash sales

A few empty seats on the planes leads to airlines advertising for the vacant seats and offering discounts through flash sales. If you get lucky and find any of these, you may be able to grab cheap airline tickets even if you are travelling at the last moment. But for this to happen you would need to be vigilant and actively check the airline or OTA websites at the time of travel. Be quick to take advantage of these deals as a lot more last moment travelers like you can be waiting in line to grab these offers.

Connect on Call with the airline or travel agent

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Speaking to a customer care executive can be really helpful in case of emergency travel to any destination. These travel executives are seasoned travel professionals in most cases and know how to reduce the fare in case of emergency travel. They can also suggest cool destinations which can be light on the pocket and can also be relaxing getaways at the same time. Don’t worry about the waiting times on call as 5 minutes of patience can actually help you in saving 500 bucks if you get lucky.

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Consider booking your cheap flight tickets well in advance as last minute flights to all these fabulous cities can be exorbitant.

Pack a few snacks

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Do not depend solely on the flight menu and back a few cookies or nuts to munch on during the flight. An empty stomach can make passing time even more troublesome on a long-haul flight. Those opting for cheap airline tickets and cheap flights should definitely keep this in mind as they may not find a lot of dining options onboard.

Stay Calm

Our last tip but certainly not the least; stay calm during your flight. Downloading a meditation app or trying some deep breathing exercises would definitely help in reducing anxiety during a cumbersome flight.