Top 3 Social Media Writing Tools

Writing can be complicated. It is not easy expressing feelings along with paying attention to spellings, adjectives, grammar, and punctuations. Especially for new writers who want to start their career or fulfill their desire of writing on social media, creating creative content can be very intimidating and complex.

There is so much in the world going on, you select a topic, but it is hard to just keep typing without looking at the screen to check words and punctuations, as long as you are not an expert at writing, for which you might need help and guidance. There may be lack of concentration, experience, and confidence which needs proper help and assistance. Even if it is for a research paper, writing can take up lots of time. However, in social media writing, you have to attract the audience which is of paramount importance, and something that crucial needs to be taken seriously.

You need support and focus to complete your writing process. Keeping your needs and distractions in mind, there are certain tools that might prove as lifesavers for your writing spirit, and you can benefit out of them. Here are 3 of the most effective tools for social media writing:

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1. ZenPen

Writing is tough when you have so many distractions going on around you. You always need something that might sort out the distractions and let you focus on the priority of the moment, and that is writing. ZenPen is a zone that you can use to write without distractions. Just like a word document, here you can actually block out all the distractions that come your way. The features are easy to use. Here you can copy, paste and hyperlink. You can edit, format and add URLs too. It is easy to use bold, italics and underline here. It is very easy to add quotes here too. With ZenPen, you can focus on your creativity and create a content that satisfies your requirements. Trying something like ZenPen will give you a fresh perspective and allow you to openly think and concentrate on the basic purpose of your content writing.

2. Grammarly

It is so irritating when you type fast so that you do not forget any point you wanted to add, but that chance of being grammatically wrong just breaks the flow. It is so common to misspell while writing that you need a proper tool to aid in your mistakes. With Grammarly, there are mistakes flagged to help you recognize the mistakes you made. Grammatical or spelling, each mistake is highlighted and reviewed when type. Not everyone has a strong hold on their grammar, which is why such apps and tools basically aim at providing you the best assistance and allow you to improve your English writing proficiency. This tool has been proven beneficial as people use it in Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter to avoid any grammar embarrassment.

3. Markdown

You have to try this tool to lessen your workload. Here, the format of the plain text is easy to read and write and then helps you convert the text into HTML. The original tool supports HTML. This app lets you virtually format any type of document. Many writers are using this app to lighten the load and write creative content with ease. The work done here is simple to do, instructions are simple to understand and you can avoid all the hindrances that are caused when you start working at content writing. This tool will save your precious time and let you focus just on the topic and goal of your content.

These tools are so handy, and you can benefit so much from this. Each tool serves its purpose and improves you in your desired field of interest, in this case, content writing. These tools are even used for expert writing services. Some of these tools are cost-free or of reasonable prices, but each serves its purpose most efficiently. Be it any type of writing or text format; all these apps are constantly making innovations to meet your demands. Now it is your turn to rise and shine, break the bonds and get your writing started.

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