Top 5 Cunning LED Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the womb of every home-cooked meal. This is the place for cooking, preparing, and serving food. What makes it more special is the late-night visits to the fridge to get some snacks. More than just a place of preparation, a kitchen is also a comfortable place where we dig into our favorite foods. If you want a fresh new look for your kitchen, remodeling will always be an option. Dig deeper on the more important elements inside the kitchen.

One of the elements which greatly affects the interior design of your kitchen is the lighting. How would you implement a lighting design that is effective but energy-efficient at the same time? There is more to lighting than fluorescents and incandescents. The use of LED lights will give a more personalized and impacting aesthetic to your kitchen. You can never go wrong with these five cunning LED lighting ideas for your kitchen.

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The Trend of Today

If your best interest is modern interior design, The Trend of Today would definitely be best for your kitchen’s lighting. As you can see on the image above, there’s nothing grand in terms of the lights. They used recessed pin lights with a measurable distance from one another. It’s not too bright and not too dark either. It blends well with the minimalist design of the kitchen. The kitchen did not require much lighting because the interior is filled with elements in white. The color white has the feature of absorbing light and making space look fresh and bright.

To balance out the bright atmosphere, they used led tapes in a warm color – click here to learn more about these tapes. These LED strip lights are actually a good idea in defining spaces. Since they used white for the cabinets and walls, they tend to overlap with one another. Placing the LED strip lights under provided division between the cabinets and the preparation area. Besides, apart from its aesthetic features, flexible LED strip lights serve their perks too.

The Simply Sustainable

If you are the type of person who values energy conservation, The Simply Sustainable should be on your lighting design choices. As you can see on the image above, they have a minimal source of artificial light. The designer focused on maximizing the use of natural light. They have two linear recessed lightings on the kitchen area and the living area. Evaluating the image, the recessed lights look like it’s turned on when it’s actually off. The color of the covering is what makes it looks like it’s lit up.

This lighting design is an economical choice since natural light is used 75% of the day. This does not just benefit you but as well as the environment. Minimal use of lights plus considering the fact that these are LED type is a great way of practicing sustainability. Moreover, the floor to ceiling glass door and windows gives you a fresh view of your backyard. This is a very refreshing look you would look forward to seeing in the morning. Sometimes, what you need is exposure to the natural environment to relieve stress. According to Frostfire, you can also add some LED candles to create a soothing atmosphere in your room.

The Iconic Pendant

At first glance, the ambiance of The Iconic Pendant lighting design is very inviting. You will notice how similar the use of patterns, colors, and materials to a coffee shop. It’s a combination of soft and hard materials blending well together. What made it look artsy are the bold black pendant lights on top of the breakfast nook. To complement the combination of light, dark, and neutral colors, they used warm lighting to build a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The Playful Geometry

The impact of lighting depends on how it will illuminate the space as well as how the fixture is designed. The Playful Geometry exhibits a more personalized lighting design. They hang a tree-like chandelier as the primary light source and recessed pin lights as their secondary light source. As you can see on the image, it is filled with exciting shapes and sizes which gave the kitchen a creative look. Two chandeliers of exceptional design enhance the elements inside the kitchen.

The Playful Geometry is a flourished traditional kitchen interior and lighting design. The design is an idea thought outside of the box. From the material options to the lighting fixtures, the plan is to exhibit a creative and personalized look ideal for your kitchen.

The Edge of Minimalism

Are you up for a simple yet elegant design? Minimalism is the best choice for you. Most minimalistic designs have similarities with contemporary design. Designers are very careful with colors and materials. They stick with plain surfaces but the choice of materials and textures are highly taken into consideration. The image above is the best example of The Edge of Minimalism in terms of the elements and the lighting. The positioning is asymmetrical but balanced.

Since the majority of the surfaces are in dark color, they used a hanging globe pendant light in a warm color. White light can be a bit off in setting the ideal atmosphere in dark areas. With warm LED pendant lights, you get the ideal kitchen atmosphere without overdoing the amount of light needed within.


The lighting design of your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, it has to be effective. Common mistakes taken is that the color and the fixture fail to match the interior design of the kitchen. This highly affects the atmosphere you are trying to build within the space. Let the kitchen reflect the personality of the users. Give it a motivating atmosphere that excites you to see every morning as you sip your cup of coffee.