Top 5 Gadgets You Need to Work Remotely

These days, you don’t have to limit yourself to an office for work. The number of freelancers that prefer remote jobs is increasing. And so does the market of gadgets and services that help such people to perform their job successfully.

Whether we are talking about portable computers, power banks, or even platforms such as Ning or WordPress that help you with your online presence, it seems that working at the distance today is easier than ever before.

If you have just started working as a freelancer, here are the top five gadgets that can come in handy for you.

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1. Portable Monitors

Larger screens are essential for designers and artists. However, if you prefer, for instance, café to an office, you may lack the use of big screens. People using iPads and Chromebooks usually end up straining their eyesight. The best solution to this problem is using a secondary monitor. These monitors are connected with laptops and are light enough to carry around in your backpack. Their low power requirement enables them to be operated by a mere USB connection.

2. Avoiding Distraction – Saent

Avoiding offices often means you may face distractions. Saent is a tool that offers a solution by helping you specify your needs. Turn on the device and enter the websites you want to be blocked that distract you the most. Once the websites are fed into the device – through an interactive online interface – you can put it in your pocket and get to work straight away. Another feature of this device is that it monitors your working hours and suggests to you when to take breaks so that you remain fresh for longer.

3. Keyboards with a Multi-Device Option

If your job is based around writing long documents and editing content, then you can’t get away with using just a tablet. Instead, you need a multi-device keyboard to switch between devices and pages with the click of a button. Imagine you are typing on a Word file on your tablet, but an email pops up in your phone. By clicking the switch button, you can start replying to the message using your keyboard.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Freelancers are often found hunting for quieter places. They frequently complain about the constant distraction they face because of background noise. If we are talking about co-working spaces, getting rid of the background sound must be the priority. Few of the latest gadgets help you fine tune the noise levels and allow you to focus on your job. Therefore, noise cancellation headphones are a must-have in your gadget arsenal.

5. Laptop Stands

Regardless where you decide to do your job, you need to keep your posture and laptop’s position in check. Freelancers often encounter places where they end up staring down at the screen that puts strain on the body and has long-term negative impacts. Having a portable laptop stand in your bag can help you avoid the awkward tilt, and they can be folded to fit anywhere you want. The height and angles are adjustable, so you have a good experience every time you use them.

Other Handy Gadgets

One can never have enough help in store to cater for every situation. As someone who likes to work at the distance, you first need to have a backpack that accommodates all the gadgets you need. Some other tools you need to have by your side are high capacity power banks, portable scanner/printers, and an extension cord for times when you can’t access the electricity port. Visit for new gadgets to have a successful work from anywhere!