Top 5 Tips in Styling Your Watch to Your Wardrobe

Watches were made to tell us the time; however, it is a great way to make a style statement as well. Love to rock your style? Coordinating your watch with your outfit looks relatively easy, but it is very challenging since many people would tend to judge you according to how you look. To help you in making your decision, here are some tips to get your style right every time:

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Tip #1 – Wear a Watch that Fits the Dress Code

When matching a watch to your outfit, you will need to consider how you’re going to dress for the occasion. A watch is an extension of your outfit and should reflect your style; however, not all styles would work for a specific dress code. Here are some guides for each occasion:

Black Tie & White Tie

Drawing too much attention to your watch is not a good idea during formal events. Such events call for elegance, and nothing is more elegant than wearing a classic dress watch in gold, silver, or rose-gold tones. 

You can also opt for dress watches with subtle diamond or crystal accents for the ladies. Meanwhile, dress watches with black leather strap and a white dial will do the trick for the gentlemen. Keep it simple and aim not to attract too much attention to your wrist.

Business Wear

It’s best to grab a classic gold or silver watch with a thin dial when you’re in your business wear. If you’re wearing a dark conservative suit, a classic dress watch is it’s a perfect match. For less formal business wear, it is appropriate to wear watches with metal or leather bands in neutral colors.

Casual Wear

When it comes to casual everyday wear, all types of the watch would surely work except for the dress watch. It is the best time to be adventurous with your choice of watch. If you can pull off wearing something a digital watch with rubber bands and colorful dials, why not? 

However, if you’d like to have a smooth transition from your t-shirt and jeans outfit to a simple date outfit, you can grab a watch with a metal band instead. 

Sports/Athletic Wear

Always on the go? Whether you end up on the gym or the track, your watch should complement your active lifestyle. Although sports watches are less pretty than other kinds of watches, they are very durable and reliable. These are mostly waterproof and made of rubber and silicone. 

Tip #2 – Color and Material Matters

You need to match your watch to your outfit depending on its color or material. It is advisable to match a watch with a metal band or case to outfits or accessories that contain the same materials and preferably the same color. For watches with a leather band, you can go one step further and don your leather shoes as well. 

If you’d like to rock the denim look for the day, go grab a watch with denim straps like the Omega Seamaster Railmaster Co‑Axial Master Chronometer 40 mm Automatic Blue Dial Steel Men’s Watch. 

Aside from considering the band material and color, you also need to consider the color of the watch dial. Watches with dark dial works well with a dark outfit while those with a light dial looks good on a bright outfit. 

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Tip #3 Match Your Shoes

If it takes too much effort to match your outfit to your watch, matching it with your shoes will do. You can match your shoes to a watch with the same color of the strap, or if your shoes have buckles, you can also grab your watch with metal straps, and your look is all set. 

If you are wearing black, gray, silver, or blue shoes, it is advisable to pick watches with silver bands. Meanwhile, you can go for a watch with gold bands if you’re wearing shoes in earth tones. 

Tip #4 Pick a Watch According to Your Size

Since the primary goal is to provide a harmonious style when matching your watch, it is advisable to pick something that would complement your body size to get the best effect. For example, slim watches with a small face looks better if you have thin wrists, but robust watches may not provide the same result.  

Tip #5 Invest in a Watch Collection

The art of mixing and matching your watch and outfits together is not an easy task to do. More so if you have a limited selection of watches to choose from. With this being said, it is good to invest in different kinds of watches to make your everyday life easier.  You can find a list of watches under $10,000 at

If this is too much of a stretch right now, you can also buy a watch with interchangeable straps in the meantime to spice up your look.


While it is essential to always be fashion-forward, rocking whatever type of timepiece you have depends on how you carry yourself or how well do you know your own style. There is no absolute right or wrong on how to do it as long as you are happy with what you see in the mirror, and you don’t sacrifice your comfort over style.