Top 6 Binoculars for Jeep Safari in 2024

When people get bored of the same old and generic vacation going to the beach or walking through the city, sight-seeing, they look for new and unique experiences. That usually leads them to booking a trip to Africa to go on a safari. Since you are reading this article, you are probably one of those people who made that decision.

If this is your first time going on a safari, you are probably wondering whether you need a binocular and the answer to this question is definitely yes. Just imagine yourself traveling from one side of the planet to the other only to miss the chance to see that beautiful giant lion in the distance, while everyone around you is viewing it with binoculars. So, if you do not want to have a disappointing vacation, you should definitely get one that has enough magnification to give you a clear view of the most important moments.

Binoculars for Jeep Safari

However, going to a safari with the cheapest set of binoculars you find is not the solution either. You would be wrong if you believe that all of them are created are equal. Some are cheaper, others very expensive and they can differentiate in quality on many levels. If you do not want your animal viewing to be ruined with a blurry magnification, you should definitely check out our list of the top 6 binoculars for a jeep safari in 2024.

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1. Wingspan Optics Thunderbird 8×42

Its brand and model name will give you the idea that the Thunderbird is made for bird watching and that is true. But, the viewing is so crisp, clear and bright which is enough of a reason to recommend it to you for your vacation.

Wingspan has spent years and a lot of money on research for their unique prism. They have continuously optimized it to the point where you can see all the details of the bird which means that you will also see any other animal in clear detail.

You won’t have trouble seeing in a low-light situation because the magnification is quite bright because of its 42 mm objective lens.

While it would be a much better offer if they had a bigger magnification and if they were at least water-resistant, they are still a great option and are quite cheap at just $140.

2. Meopta MeoPro HD

They are quite light which is always great when you consider that you will have to be carrying with you around your neck or in your bag all the time. Don’t worry, even though it is light, its magnesium structure makes this set of binoculars quite reliable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking if you sit on it or if you drop it. But, make sure you always keep it strapped around your neck for maximum safety.

Durability is always important, but what is more crucial for watching animals is the fact that they provide you with very sharp visuals with its fluoride lenses. Meopta claims that the MeoPro HD transmits at least 99.7% of the light which is why the images you see do not have any discoloration. Its ten times magnification will be more than enough to help you spot animals from far away. Check out for an in-depth review of this model and reviews of other binoculars too.

3. Adorrgon

Another model that is quite lightweight while also providing you a twelve times magnification. With just 1.2 pounds and such a zoom, you will have a great time at your jeep safari. Keep in mind, it won’t be as stable as some other models, so make sure you are in a static position if you plan to spot animals from far away.

While it might not sound like the most impressive pair it is definitely a good choice because of its price of just $40.

4. Nikon Monarch 5 8×42

If you have a bigger budget for your new binoculars, you should definitely consider getting the Monarch 5. This Nikon will cost you somewhere around 275 US dollars which is a huge price, but once you consider the quality of the materials used in their production, the cost is justified.

They have a very low dispersion which means you will have a much sharper and clearer field of view than any of the other models on this list.

Weighted at just 1.3 pounds makes this an investment that will deliver you the best performance. It is also important to note that the Monarch 5 is completely waterproof, it has quite a sturdy rubber body, so drops from head height won’t damage it.

5. Celestron Nature DX

Whether you are a beginner or a binocular enthusiast, the Nature DX will deliver a vivid enough picture to properly enjoy your safari vacation. The materials feel premium, it is small, portable and light. With a price of just $110, you will definitely be impressed by the bright images it delivers with its multi-coated lenses. The power of the 8x magnification does not reduce the contrast or resolution of the image which is always a great plus.

It is protected from all kinds of outdoor elements since it is fog proof, waterproof and has an armored rubber body which will protect it from all kinds of drops.

It also comes with a small carrying case for a snug fit, caps for the lenses, a rainguard, a neck strap and a bunch of other things that justify the price.

6. Gosky 10×42

Priced at just 80 US dollars, the Gosky 10×42 is an interesting set of binoculars that you shouldn’t dismiss. It features a large field of view while offering a ten times magnification which means you won’t be having trouble spotting the cheetahs lying next to rocks or bushes while out on a jeep safari.

What’s so great about the Gosky 10×42 is that they come with an accessory that allows you to attach your smartphone and view the image on the phone’s screen. The image will be the same quality as viewing with your own eyes, so if you get eye fatigue of looking through the lenses, your smartphone and Gosky will save the day.