Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Explore Korea through Internship

South Korea, more specifically Seoul, is a preferred internship destination lately for a lot of college grads who are looking to stake their claim in the tech industry. Seoul is the epicenter of all technological advancements in South Korea, with giants such as Samsung and LG being the most lucrative destinations for interns.

In this article, we are going to give you our top 6 reasons why you should intern in South Korea, and explore the country in the meantime.

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1.    The Food Is Amazing

Asian cousins’ are notoriously delicious and the case is no different from Korean food. During your internship, you will have a chance to sample some of the finest foods Korea has to offer. From spicy rice cakes to beef ribs, Korean food is absolutely amazing. Fancy something sweet? Fear not, as Korean soft serve is one of the best sweet foods to satisfy your midnight cravings.

2.    From Seoul, You Can go Anywhere

Seoul is the heart of Korea, and it acts as the main transportation hub to all corners of the country. When applying for an internship, you will most likely want to intern in the capital city. The benefits of your internship in Korea are that you can be flexible and travel anywhere you like while not interring. Fancy some beach time – catch a train to Busan.

3.    Korea is an Innovative Powerhouse

According to Bloomberg, Korea (Seoul more specifically) is fast becoming an innovative powerhouse in the world. With the main focus on IT and engineering, Seoul is becoming the epicenter of all technological and engineering innovations. By landing an internship in Korea, your resume with be nothing short of brilliant. With potential companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, your resume will be one to admire.

4.    Exciting Night Life

Seoul is described by tourists as the city that never sleeps. Furthermore, Seoul is a city that never goes to sleep in the first place because of the options for fun during the day. If that doesn’t keep you in place, then you can always step it up a notch and sample the Korean nightlife in Seoul. With karaoke bars, night clubs, lounges, musical performances, and more, Seoul is a city that will satisfy all your social needs.

5.    The Culture is Amazing

Korean culture is rich and only bested by the greatest civilizations before our time. If you are more of a historical enthusiast, you can always arrange to stay in a Temple or a Hanok. The former focuses more on the Buddhist way of life and focuses more on nature and one’s self. The latter focuses more on the day to day experiences in Korean culture.

6.    Many Opportunities for Tourism

Seoul is regarded as one of the most exciting cities to visit. Korea, in general, has amazing tourist attractions that are nothing short of perfection. One such is Changdeokgung Palace which is protected by UNESCO and is regarded as one of the world’s cultural heritage. The palace can be visited at both day and night, with both offering brilliant samples to see Korean royalty life during the Joseon Dynasty. Another tourist attraction in Seoul is Namsan Seoul Tower which is one of the tallest building in Korea.