Top 7 Best Outdoor TV Covers

Choosing outdoor TV covers is not really as easy as people think. It’s not like choosing a shirt where any clean and presentable one will do. It’s more like choosing a jacket—you have to carefully choose one that will get you through the cold. There are so many considerations in buying a cover that truly protects your television.

Putting a LED/LCD plasma screen outdoors has become a trend as more and more people prefer to have entertainment outside the four walls of the house. There are various reasons for this: One, people just want to feel nature while being entertained.

Two, people can freely be more rambunctious when they are outside the house since the noise will not be contained. This is especially important when watching sports championships.

Now that we know that outdoor television is becoming a thing, how do you protect your TV set? By finding the best outdoor TV cover that could protect your set from all kinds of weather conditions. Here are the best outdoor TV covers on the market.

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Weatherproof – check. Availability of various sizes and colors – check. Made of durable material – check. Will help extend the life of your television – check. These are the characteristics of the TV covers manufactured by Garnetics. These are also the most important thing when it comes to finding a TV cover.

First of all, you want your small screen protected from the rain, sun, wind and dust. A high-quality television needs a high-quality cover. Only a superior cover could protect your equipment from various elements. Garnetics also manufacture products that are compatible with the different kinds of brackets.


Originally a company that manufactures custom-designed keyboard covers, ViziflexSeels has expanded to making covers for all kinds of technology, outdoor TV included. The brand makes durable covers made in vinyl material.

The cover is padded so that not only will it provide weatherproof protection, it will also protect your television from flying objects. Who knows? There might be children throwing toys around the place and some of them could hit and scratch the television—or worse, actually damage it. That’s another layer of protection for TV screens. Here is a bonus: an opening at the back to accommodate TV mounts.


The company is a family-owned corporation founded in 2006, mainly to provide mounting solutions to various gadgets like TV, monitor and projector, among others. It comes highly recommended as a mount provider and installer.

Just the same, its line of TV covers is just as applauded as its collection of wall mounts. Its TV cover is made from Oxford polyester. The brand is known for its universal TV cover, which solves a lot of issues, especially when you fail to measure your television prior to buying a cover.


Founded in 2012, SONGMICS provides affordable and functional house products to fully furnish a home. Just to give you an idea of the company’s wide-ranging products, it sells, among others, the following items: coat rack, shoe rack, home office stuff, and coffee table. And of course, most houses are not homes without an entertainment system.

That’s why the company has extended its line of home necessities to TV covers that are known to protect television not just from all kinds of weather but also from insects. One reason why SONGMICS’ TV cover is important is because it has a Velcro at the back for easy closure. It also has a three-way flap that makes it easier for homeowners to remove the cover and put it right back on.

Hentex Universal

The company’s TV cover is very simple and looks really basic—but TV covers should not complicated in the first place. The most important thing is that Hentex uses breathable fabric that is lightweight. This means that it is easy for you to take it off the TV and put it back on when necessary, no matter how high up the mount is.

Another reason to buy this kind of cover? It has a pocket for your remote control. People take pockets for remote for granted, but it is actually very essential. A lot of homeowners misplace the remote control—a pocket on the TV cover is actually quite practical.

TV Coverstore

The line-up of outdoor TV covers from this company is versatile and wide-ranging. For one, it has nine sizes available, which is more than most manufacturers of TV covers. Secondly, the cover works for both freestanding and TV screens with TV mounts.

It makes sense that TV Coverstore will manufacture premium TV covers because the company was founded in 2008 precisely because of the founder’s frustration over the lack of high-quality and affordable TV covers especially those for outdoor television. While the TV is protected by the TV Coverstore product from the heat of the sun, rain, and snow, it also serves as a safeguard against mildew.

Clicks Depot

When choosing an outdoor TV cover, the primordial consideration is the protection against the different weather conditions. However, there is one thing that people don’t usually think about—how easy is it to clean the unit? Clicks Depot actually thought of that. The cover comes with a microfiber cloth, which means that the brand didn’t just think of protection, it also thought of maintenance.

This type of cloth is the perfect kind to clean technology because it doesn’t contain chemicals that could damage the screen or any part of the property.There you have it, folks! Seven really great brands of outdoor TV covers. Know that an outdoor TV is different from regular televisions. They are specifically called outdoor TV for a reason—they are built to last for a long time despite possible changes in weather.

But while outdoor television sets could withstand the heat, rain spray or some snow better than the regular small screens, it doesn’t mean that it should. When not in use, the outdoor TV should be covered with high-quality and all-weather protection in order to keep your equipment working for years to come. TV covers should also protect your technology from dust and scratches. These are the things you need to think about before buying one.