Top 8 Blanket Manufacturers in China 

There are really hundreds of blanket manufacturers located all over the world today. To narrow down your choices of blanket manufacturers to top 8, we’ve created a list composed of the best manufacturers currently available on the market.


ZENGBO is a professional home textile manufacturing company based in China. The company produces high-quality fleece blankets, baby blankets, and weighted blankets that are super and feel delightful. They’re exceptional, and to be honest, once you try one of their blankets, you may never buy another brand again. ZENGBO‘s factory also produces custom shower curtains and a custom bath mat for global clients.

These days, discovery a high-quality fleece blanket isn’t easy. Most companies are concerned about hitting a lower price point for retailers, and to do that, they produce hold back on quality, resulting in poorly made fleece blankets that shed or pill or look ragged after just a few washes. If you want to know more about the ZENGBO blanket manufacturer check them out here

  1. Northwest Woolen Mills

Northwest Woolen Mills also knew as Northwest Woolen Mills and Wool Blanket Manufacturing Company is a division of The Brickle Group.

  1. Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd.

Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd is one of the top blanket manufacturers in the blanket market. The company specializes in the designing, manufacturing, and wholesale of woven wool blankets, cashmere blanket, bamboo blanket, cotton blanket, and other blend blankets. They also produce Raschel wool blanket, acrylic blanket, and polyester blanket. Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd is a member of the Chinese Wool Textile Association.

Their goods are not only occupying a big market share in the Chinese market but also are exported overseas to countries like America, Australia, Japan, and the middle-east area.  The company has grown into an essential manufacturing base of high-class wool blankets and folk blankets.

They have a variety of products, extending from domestic blankets, hotel blankets, hospital blankets, anti-flaming blankets to airline blanket.

  1. Hangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd manufactures quality blankets and other items such as throws, bathrobes, bath rugs, and beddings. Their products are made mostly from fine natural fibers.

Hangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd provides quality products. The company offers internationally competitive prices and reliable service. The company is located in Hangzhou, China.

  1. Ningbo Cozy Textile Co., Ltd

Ningbo Cozy Textile Co., Ltd is one of the top manufacturers of Blanket Company is located in China.  They have cooperated with a lot of wholesalers in Europe, North America, and Middle Aisa, etc. The company has existed for more than ten years now. They supply different kinds of textile products with good quality and at a competitive price. Their main products include a blanket, textile, household article, and outdoor article. They supply all kinds of purchase service in China.

  1. Anhui Kderi International Trade Co., Ltd.

Anhui Kadri International Trade Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise company that specializes in down and feather materials and finished products. They are a professional manufacturer of feather down. Their main products include washed feather down and down products. At the same time, they also deliver badminton products because they are all fall within the scope of leather goods. They have a marketing center in the provincial capital of Hefei to facilitate customer visits and consultation. They export to over 30 countries and regions covering Europe, America, Australia, and Japan.

  1. Baoding flourish textile Co., Ltd.

Baoding flourish textile Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying quality linen to the hotel industry around the world. During the past years, they have served many clients, including foreign third-party partners, independent properties, high-class clubs and restaurants, and international hotel chains, etc.

Their strict quality control standards ensure that every product from the factory is by the quality standards. Besides, they continuously strive for full customer satisfaction in the rapidly changing market and deliver efficiency with excellent commitment. Along with all the efforts they have earned and maintained proven track records for reliability and good services. Baoding flourish textile Co., Ltd. is one of the main brands in China in hotel linen supply industry.

  1. Weifang Yippee Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Weifang Yippee Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a unified textiles manufacturer and exporter company located in Weifang City, Shandong province China. It is worthy to note here that the location of the company is also well-known for its large cotton farms.

Their Sales and QC Team consist of experienced graduates from the famous Chinese textile university who is full of energy, desire, and creativity. Their experienced salesmen offer considerate service. Their main products include a blanket, baby muslin products, bedding, towels, clothing, and many kinds of fabrics.

You can the top blanket manufacturers list to make your shopping experience a lot easier.