How Instagram Can Be Used To Promote Your Online Business4

How Instagram Can Be Used To Promote Your Online Business

Doing business online can be incredibly satisfying if you manage to get it right. You don’t need to worry about travelling for appointments or making sure that you have the right premises for the job you are doing. It is quite possible to get all your work done from the comfort of your own home.

There are challenges, of course, but these can be handled as they come along. The big concern for online businesses, like most businesses, is getting their name out there and having an identifiable brand, something which is trickier when you don’t have a physical location to direct people to.

As online businesses, they have to make the most of the online world to make up for this. And the Internet is a vast, sprawling network that connects billions of people around the world so if it can be done anywhere, it most certainly is there. The question on each businesses’ lips is finding the right outlet.

And then Instagram came along…

 If you are one of these businesses looking for more promotional opportunities, you could do worse than taking a look at this booming online phenomenon. While it is most commonly identified as a social network, it has blossomed into something far greater and numerous businesses have signed up for accounts as they become aware of the opportunities it provides.

Firstly, Instagram is home to more than a billion active users while every day more than five hundred million users log in, the majority of them doing so several times over the course of the day. Simply by having an account, you automatically gain access to a platform with more than a billion potential customers.

What business wouldn’t want this? It is also important to consider the profile of the users and their online habits. According to this site, more than two-thirds of them are under the age of 35 and various research has shown that eighty percent of users follow at least one company account while sixty percent have bought products they first discovered through social media.

It is also worth considering what you can do with Instagram. It offers various formats to create and promote content while there are various ways for users to interact directly with accounts, leading to a less formal and closer relationship between customers and companies. Instagram also offers business accounts that give businesses more access to analytical information and allows them to sell products through it.

Now that you have an idea of what this platform offers, you need to know how to gain more exposure. The key to this is interaction with other users and building lasting, trusting relationships with them. Over time, this leads to an increase in popularity which makes your account more visible. This interaction involves likes, comments and followers and these have all become hot commodities on the social network.

Alternative strategies for making it big

In order to accommodate the growing number of people looking for easier ways to get guaranteed likes, comments and followers, a number of Instagram-related websites have popped up throughout the Internet with the aim of helping these people out.

These websites give users the chance to get unlimited access to the features they desire by paying for them. Visit here to get an idea of what these websites are like and the offers that are available to you if you do decide that paying for Instagram features is what is needed to give your account a boost and kickstart your campaign to promoting yourself on the social network.

While paying for features is not always something that is looked kindly upon, it can be a very astute investment in your own success as an Instagrammer as it is one strategy to get more of these features that guarantee results. As such, it is not an option that should be dismissed out of hand. The number of websites and the amount of business that they are doing is a clear indication of the demand for and popularity of them.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to use the same approach that countless other users are taking advantage of in their very own struggle to get bigger numbers and more exposure. If your competition is happy to do it then you shouldn’t have any qualms about it.

Make sure you are paying for quality products

While availing of the option of buying features is a smart one and one that will undoubtedly help your account grow, you will want to be on the lookout for activity from paid-for users that you find is suspicious. Most websites will promise real users when selling you their offers.

Unfortunately, not all of them follow through on this promise and there are a lot of bot accounts that will then do the work that a genuine user is supposed to be doing for you. A bot account is an automated account that tries to replicate human online behavior.

However, a quick look at suspicious accounts can lead to identifying them. A lot of bot accounts have a much higher number of accounts that they are following as opposed to the number of accounts following them. While this is somewhat common with accounts at the lower-end of Instagram popularity, the difference in numbers with bot accounts can be alarming.

Similarly, these accounts rarely, if ever, post content of their own and when they do, it more often than not originates from different sources. These are two of the most obvious red flags so keep your eyes open. Remember: this is your money and you deserve to get quality for the money you are paying.