Top Affordable Cars for College Students

The car models that have been mentioned below come under the category of the most affordable cars for college students. Moreover, they are reliable and also a very practical all-rounder for college students. Although some of the cars on the list are only available as used cars, they have made it to the list because of their value, which is pretty well.

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Nevertheless, the other cars are present as both used and new cars. Depending on whatever the preference of the college students is. Obviously, if they are broke, they would get a used one but if they are not covered with hefty debts, they will choose a new one. Of course!

The following list comprises of the estimated prices, the mileage, the ratings when it comes to the crash safety.

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Ford Fiesta

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  • MSRP: $14,205
  • Used Price Range: $2,000 to $12,000

This four-door vehicle consumes a lot of fuel, but it has a five-speed standard manual with an automatic transmission option. It also has a decent safety against crashes and host performance options, including an engine that is more powerful.

The good news is that if you are a college student, you can get a discount on your Ford of up to 500 dollars, which is subjected to specific dealers though.

Chevrolet Sonic

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  • MSRP: $15,420
  • Used Price Range: $4,000 to $13.000

Similar to the Fiesta, this Chevrolet is also a four-door hatchback sedan, which has both an automatic and a standard manual transmission. Moreover, the car comes in a lot of different trims. But each of it is priced different and has different options in it.

The best part about this car is the safety key feature, which is usually not present in many small cars. The college student discount program of the Chevrolet dealers gives offs to recent graduates.

Mazda 3

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  • MSRP: $18,095 (base trim with no options, per Mazda)
  • Used Price Range: $2,000 to $20,000

This very popular, compact car comes in both, a sedan and a hatchback option. Moreover, the car is very efficient when it comes to the fuel consumption and it also has a lot of accessibility features. Such as a seven-inch touch screen. It also has an above average roster safety feature and a front crash preventing system. Although it is optional.

Other than that, Mazda has a lot of options to choose from for all those who are budget conscious, especially college grads after the hefty debts they are under.

Volkswagen SUV

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The look of the Volkswagen SUV is sophisticated and classy for anyone who wants to get a car which depicts charm and personality. It has a sculpted hood, with a sharp character line as well. The safety LED lights enable the person to see what is ahead of them. Moreover, the well-designed interior gives a lot of leg space to the drivers. According to, this type of SUV is perfect for those college trips of yours where you need enough space for all your mates to fit in.