Top Career Options in 2024

The year 2024 has come with huge opportunities and career options as technology is rapidly growing in other fields too. Someone who has passed out this year has various career options to choose from, and they pay well. However, it’s challenging to acquire those required skills and master them. But if one has mastered these skills, then it will pay them for their whole life.

In this article, we will see the top career options that you can choose from in 2024. This article is significant for those who just passed 12th standard and want to go in the job line.

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The Top career options in 2024 are as follows:

  • Cyber Security Expert: As the security threats increased with technology, the demand for security experts also increased. The security experts are responsible for preparing and implementing the best and most updated security practices to secure the organizations’ data.
  • Nurse: A nurse’s job is just like that of a physician. They can work as an alternative to a Physician. So the demand for Nurse professionals has significantly increased in 2024. A nurse can perform lab tests and physical examinations and also prescribe medicines based on the health conditions. So Nursing can be the best career option for you.
  • Software Developer: With rapidly growing technology, new software and apps are coming so fastly with the increased requirement of software developers. Nowadays, artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches are implemented in software that increases the application’s productivity. Hence, a software developer is one of the top career options this year and may increase by next year too.
  • Data Scientist: As we all know, data is everything for an organization, whether it is small or big. The Data Scientist topic is becoming popular nowadays as companies understand that they need to use the data effectively for their future outcomes. A data scientist’s job is to get insights from a large amount of data. These insights are very useful for an organization as they give a clear idea about the next decision they should take in the business.


  • Financial Manager: A Financial Manager must manage an organization’s expenses. He is also responsible for creating financial reports and coordinating with the company’s investment team. Every company needs its finances should be well managed so that the loss should be minimized in the organization. That’s the reason the demand for financial managers increased significantly.
  • Lawyer: The lawyers are not only known for their legal proceedings to settle cases in courts. But they also advise clients on their decisions for different scenarios. With the increased risk of violations of legal terms in all sectors, people get aware of taking help from lawyers. This resulted in increased demand for expert lawyers in 2024.
  • Statistician: Statistics is not only a subject of Mathematics but is also used to make decisions with the help of present data. A statistician’s responsibility is to present the statistics of the data and give clear ideas to make decisions. A career in this field is one of the top opportunities to choose from in 2024.

Some students don’t know where to go after they finish their 12th standard. But as they just finished schooling, they aren’t much aware of the top career options they can choose. So let us see their career options after passing the 12th class for each field.

Career options after 12th commerce:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce: This course is specially made for those students who complete their 12th standard from a commerce background. After 12th Commerce, B.Com is one of the common courses students choose to pursue. This course is also a good career option for fields such as statistics, accounting, management, etc.
  2. Chartered Accountancy: CA is a professional course and one of the most popular and best career options for students of 12th Commerce. But this course is very tough and needs the student to be good in accounting. In this course, the students are taught about accounting at a greater level of difficulty.
  3. Bachelor of Economics: Economics is one of the common subjects that comes in every field, whether it is engineering, commerce, or other. In this course, the students are taught about econometrics, statistics, history, political economy, etc. Students who have a keen interest in Economics subject can opt for this course as it is one of the best career options.
  4. Bachelor of Computer Applications: As the IT industry is growing very fast, the students of 12th Commerce who want to make a career in the IT field can choose BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) as their career. This is one of the most common and fastest-growing fields for students passed from any field of 12th grade.
  5. Bachelor of Business Management: The students who completed their 12th grade from a commerce background and are interested in working in Management can choose a Bachelor of Business Management as their career option. This course teaches students about work management, human resources and development, and other management skills.

Career options after 12th Science:


  1. Engineering: Students who are keen to become an Engineer can choose an Engineering course after finishing their 12th standard. There are various options in Engineering such as Computers, Civil, Electronics, etc. And they can choose any field based on their interest. As technology is growing rapidly, the requirement for engineers is also on top and comes in top career options in 2024.
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration: The students who want to become business administrators can choose this option. This is one of the common courses most students pursue nowadays after finishing their 12th. But you should choose this course if you have an interest in this field. Or else, if you are interested in another field, you should choose another. However, a Bachelor of Business Administration can give you a bunch of opportunities in your career.
  3. Bachelor of Law: Students who want to become a lawyer can opt for this course after their 12th grade. This course will teach you about the laws and how to follow these laws. A lawyer can be an exciting and challenging career option. But if you are serious about your interest in this field, then you can choose this career option.
  4. Bachelor in Statistics: Students after finishing their 12th grade can go for a Bachelor of Statistics course. Those students who are excellent in statistics and interested in taking their education in statistics to a higher level can choose this career option.
  5. Bachelor of Architecture: Students who have passed their 12th standard from a Science background with subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Maths are eligible to go for this course. This is a five-year course where you will learn to become a licensed architect. Students who are interested in the construction, design, and development of buildings can opt for this course.

Career options after 12th Science PCB:

  1. MBBS: After completing your 12th grade with biological subjects, you can go for this course. But the students who want to become MBBS doctors must qualify for the entrance exam, such as the NEET Entrance Exam. And those who successfully qualify for the exam will get admission into the MBBS course. This is one of the highest-paying and trending careers this year.
  2. Bachelor in Pharmaceuticals: The students who are interested in Pharmaceutical Sciences can go for this course after 12th standard. This degree course will teach you drug safety, medical plants, drug usage, medical chemistry, and other discoveries of medicines.
  3. Bachelor in Nursing: Nursing is a health care sector where the focus is on the care of patients and families of all communities. Students who completed their 12th with subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology can choose Nursing as their career option. This is one of the best career options in the medical field.
  4. Bachelor of Dental Surgery: This course is most preferred after completing an MBBS degree. This course teaches you about the treatments for oral and dental parts of the mouth. This can be the best career option if you are looking for the top career options this year.
  5. Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery: This course is for those interested in making their career in Homeopathy medicines. With increased diseases and patients due to unhealthy habits, the requirement for these professionals is at its peak. And those who want to make a career in this field can go for this course.


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Career options after 12th Arts:

  1. Bachelor of Arts: This is one of the most common courses taken by 12th passed students. This is a three-year degree program where students are taught about visual arts, and they can also pick their specializations such as dancer, teacher, illustrator, writer, etc.
  2. Bachelor of Journalism: If you just passed your 12th grade and want to go into media as a reporter, journalist, editor, etc. Then you can choose this career option where you will be taught a variety of media, jobs of journalists, etc. These are one of the most common high-paying jobs after the 12th.
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration: Those who want to work in the management of an organization, then they can choose the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), where you will learn about business management, administration, accounting, etc. This field is the fastest growing and in high demand this year. So you can also choose this career option for a better and more challenging job.
  4. Diploma in Education: Those students who want to become a trainer or teachers don’t know where to start after 12th grade. They can go for this diploma where you will be about the educational system and teaching. After a Diploma in Education (D Ed), you can be a teacher for primary school students. And if you want to teach higher grade students, then you can go for another level course, B Ed or M Ed. Teaching is the highest paying and most required job in this era, and you can choose this as your career if you have a passion for teaching.
  5. Bachelor of Hotel Management: The hospitality business is growing very fast, and this year, it is expected that the requirements for professionals in this field will be increased. You can specialize in hospitality or tourism by choosing this degree program.