Travel Insurance Guide for Your Missed Connecting Flight

If you are traveling to a different continent, long flight trips are often stressful. Sometimes, you have to change your flight in between. There are chances that you may miss the connecting flight. Catching these connecting flights can cause a lot of trouble, hassle, and wastage of time.

With all the growth and development of aviation, the delay in flights remains a problem.

So, missing a connecting flight can be an issue. And how can you protect yourself from such a huge financial loss? Travel insurance is one of the ways to overcome these problems.

The first thing to understand is that an insurance cover varies from one insurer to another. Generally, there is no specific connecting flight insurance cover. When you choose a specific overseas travel insurance policy, the cover for connecting flight is most probably an extra add-on.

The other point is that travel insurance is not the final solution. As some people might think, it is not always possible to get the claim when you miss a connecting flight. Therefore, you must know when you can/can not achieve the travel insurance claim.

Now many factors may get you the insurance cover in case you miss the flight.

– On the way to the airport, you experience a mishap on the road, rail, or marine.

For example, if you are traveling via road to the airport. Unfortunately, you meet with an accident which causes the delay. You eventually miss the flight. In such situations, you can avail the travel insurance.

– Missing flight due to disastrous events like earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, hijacking, riots or public unrest/civil disorder.

These are situations that are out of control. You are entitled to claim the cover.

– When there are medical reasons, having certification by doctors is necessary.

There are specific scenarios when you can’t avail of the insurance claim. They are listed below:-

-Aircraft related issues, technical glitches, delays, or flight overbooking will prevent you from getting the claim.

-Suppose you are traveling to Canada from India. You have the connecting flight from Paris. Insurance policy will not cover delayed flight or if you miss the connecting flight from Paris.

If you have the ticket with the same airplane, you will be fine because the carrier will accommodate you on a different flight. But, if the airplane carriers are different, it can cause trouble.

-Delays due to personal reasons like oversleeping or road traffic are not enough to get the claim. The factors like road traffic, missing the train cannot get you the travel insurance cover for missing connecting flights.

-Your connecting flight provides expenses when your carrier is unable to offer you further services. But, if you refuse to accept the offer, this may also stop you from availing insurance cover.

Documents Required

If you are qualified to enjoy the overseas travel insurance cover for missing the connection flights, avail it as soon as possible. Here are a few documents required you need to submit:

– If you feel suddenly ill, you are required to show the medical certificate to the insurance authorities. It should clearly state the diseases or illness which caused it. Also, note that any disease, if not informed earlier, would disqualify.

-If you are part of an accident that took place, producing a certificate from the transportation authority of such incidence is a must.

-Any other documents or material which can add to prove your point can boost your chance to claim travel insurance successfully.

So, next time you book a flight, take travel insurance and note the pointers if you miss the connecting flight. Hopefully, it will benefit you.

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