5 Emerging Trends In The Mining Industry In 2024

The latest pieces of technology have had a great impact on all industries, and mining is no different. The world changes at exponential rates, and we all have to adapt to it. Today, our priorities are not the same ones we had a few decades ago. In addition, we do not do our work in the same way we used to in the past.

In this article, we will focus on the mining industry. We will provide you with a list of trends and discuss each of them. We will tell you why these changes are occurring and what effect they will have.

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1. Remote projects

Source: mining-technology.com

Working on mining projects remotely seemed to be impossible a few decades ago. Well, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, engineers use technology to learn about the sites without ever visiting them. Yes, this is possible. There are several programs and apps designed specifically to provide people with the exact information they need.
This way, they can learn about any kind of potential issues that may endanger not only the safety of the workers, but also the project itself. We are talking about site maintenance, possible equipment failures, and so on. Obviously, this technology enables them to boost the work that is done, eliminate the possibility of major problems occurring, and hence, increase the success of their project.

2. Digitalization

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Digitalization is one of the leading trends that is yet to reach its full potential. We are not only talking about the tools used daily, but the entire process of investigating a mine and planning every single detail of the project. It is pretty evident that digitalization is the future of this industry.

In order to increase workers’ productivity and efficiency and run a project successfully, operators need to possess every piece of information that may emerge. It is the only way for them to stay on top of everything that is going on and plan the next step of the process.

Once again, this is when software solutions come in handy. These solutions enable companies to create their own databases, accumulate all the information, and store it together. We cannot stress how crucial this is in the digital world we currently inhabit.

What’s more, software like Newtrax enables project managers to see the exact location of every single employee at all times. Its algorithm also provides them with continuous data regarding the site, potential problems. It is fairly easy to see how this trend can take the whole industry to the next level.

3. Improved collaboration

Source: hbr.org

We have already discussed the importance of easy access to the latest data and information, but what about communication? Sure, a manager of a certain team is always communicating with their workers, but let’s look at the bigger picture here. What happens when a company runs several mines across the country or even the world?

Well, nowadays, collaboration is essential regardless of the line of work. Therefore, the same rule applies to different departments and teams within a mining company. Due to this reason, engineers and operators are able to easily communicate with their colleagues and experts, regardless of their location. Once again, they use apps and programs that enable them to contact anyone they need to at any moment. Yes, everyone carries devices they use solely for this purpose, meaning that the transfer of information has never been easier.

4. Reduction of C02 emission

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This isn’t only an emerging trend when it comes to the mining industry, but it is also the one that affects everyone. People from every corner of the world change their everyday habits to protect the environment, but they cannot make a significant change if large industries, such as this one, don’t do anything about it.

In this case, we are talking about electrification. In a nutshell, mining corporations will work on creating a perfect combination of digital solutions and automation to follow the consumption of energy on a regular basis. This field is still expanding, but the goal is to reduce CO2 emission, protect the environment while at the same time increasing the workers’ productivity and enabling them to reach their sustainability goals.

Naturally, the first changes that have to be made are regarding the machinery used. Instead of burning fossil fuels, these will operate on power produced from renewable sources of energy. The interesting part is that not only is this energy better for our planet since it reduces pollutions, but it can also significantly increase the efficiency of tools, making them faster and providing people with more features to facilitate their work.

5. Increased safety

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Mining is an essential industry, and the safety of every worker has always been a number one priority. This is a fact that is always going to be true, and according to experts, we will only witness significant advancements here. We are not talking only about the on-site gear, tools, and machinery. Clearly, these are constantly upgraded since they guard workers at any moment.

Nevertheless, we are also talking about technology that can prevent all sorts of damages and issues from happening. The truth is that most accidents can be stopped, and all professionals need is access to the right information. These crucial details can help them predict numerous problems that may occur, and hence, it enables them to plan every aspect of their project in great detail to boost the safety of everyone included.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are only some of the several emerging trends in the mining industry in 2024. As you can see, the whole point of these is to take the work done in this line of business to a whole new level. We are not only talking about the advancements in the industry itself, but these will also have a significant impact on the tools, machinery, and the way employees do their work. Lastly, there is also a matter of the impact mining has on the environment. Today, experts test several methods to find the right one that will enable them to reduce pollution and toxic gas emissions.