Types Of Men Suits

Every man aspires to have a wardrobe filled with every type of suit ever made. Well, maybe not every type but there are a lot of good things involved when you have a suit for any occasion. However, suits are not something we desperately need. They are a luxury, but a good one. Every man should have at least one type of suit that will accompany him to social occasions.


No matter how passionate you feel about wearing suits, we’re here to explain to you all the types of men suits out there.

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1. Navy Two-Button Suit


If you’re ever going to buy at least one suit, then make sure it’s a navy two-button suit. This type of suit will cover all social occasions and events for you. From weddings to job interviews, a plan navy two-button suit is the perfect suit for a guy who likes the elegant style of wearing suits. For the fabric, a mid-weight should do the job. Mid-weight fabric is super convenient and will accompany you anywhere with class and style.

2. Gray Two-Button Suit


Regarded as the Navy’s good friend, a grey two-button suit is just as good as the previously mentioned one. The cavalry of suits, a grey two-button suit is the best suit for a casual and summery look. A year-round type of suit, a grey two-button will accompany you day-in, day-out. For the fabric, you would normally go for the one that gives out a shade, like mileage, which will allow you to wear it with trousers and jackets. For gray two-button suits, always avoid patterns like plague or ravenous cashmere moths. If you want to know a place where you can find the best types of men suits, read more here.

3. Dark Double-Breasted Suit


If you’re a sucker for the dark horse type of element, then a dark double-breasted suit is your type of attire. While someone prefers summer-ready lightweight khaki cotton suits, others prefer this amazing style mix of elegance and convenience. For the color choice, all-black, dark-grey, or navy colors are regarded as the go-to choice. Why? Well, these colors are perfect if you’re looking for versatility in a suit. A darker colored double-breasted suit will accompany you to social events and job interviews alike. It’s also an excellent choice of wardrobe for the office. But a double-breasted suit is best for social occasions such as cocktail parties, hence why this type of suit is nicknamed “cocktail attire”.

4. The Dinner Suit


Dinner suits wear the people who win Oscars. That’s right, dinner suits are made for winners and if you’re a winner, then a dinner suit is your type of choice. However, the dinner suit lacks versatility. This type of suit is only recommended for social events such as parties, dinners, dinner parties, award ceremonies, weddings, etc. They don’t work as office attire, and no one will take you seriously if you go to a job interview with one. For the color, a classy pick would be anything from the darker side of the spectrum. From dark gray to all black, a darker dinner suit speaks volumes when it comes to class.