Using Tinder? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Tinder has changed the way of dating and brings a revolution in dating too. And this all became the highest downloaded and used dating app in a short period. But the user’s complaints that they don’t get perfect matches in Tinder. Well, if you also have concerns about this, then buddy it’s maybe caused just for your mistakes. So below, I will mention some Tinder mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

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Falling for Fake Tinder Profiles

Since it is a widely used dating app and has maximum users, it’s entirely possible of having fake profiles. It’s a great app to find yourself a fantastic date partner, but you have to be careful from bogus profiles to avoid scamsavoid scams. Fake and bot profile has some specific marks, like no bio, less and different images as stock images. Well, you can’t judge by looking bio or picture but after a match, if you get automated messages of links and such, then you better to clear out.

Sharing Too Much Personal Information on Tinder

Tinder nowadays changed a lot of privacy settings. Now it doesn’t show mutual Facebook friends. But still, there are many apps you can’t connect to Tinder, like your Instagram profile, and Spotify playlists, etc. However, if you shared a lot of information in Tinder, it might be an issue for your privacy. Using tools, some creeps can find your real identity, number or your address, and trouble you for no reason. Don’t share any of your speech, mobile name to your matches until you get full trust.

Choosing the Wrong Tinder Profile Picture

Are you not getting matches? Purchased Tinder Gold but still not getting any game? That can be an issue related to the image you uploaded. Tinder is a swipe right or left version of the app, which right for like left for the not sympathetic system. Users swipe pretty quick, then don’t even look at other pictures and bio too. That’s why you need to make sure your first image in your Tinder profile is highly appealing. If you don’t get matches after doing this then you need to go to another dating platform via

You must about some of these kinds of images to use on your Tinder profile

  • Images in which you are not smiling.
  • The photo was taken from far away, in which your face is not visible.
  • Pictures in which you are not in it, like a meme or stock image.
  • Photos in which you are putting large sunglasses and hats
  • Pictures with a girl or with a group of girl, and Vice Versa for girls too

Having Unreasonable Expectations on Tinder

Tinder is a fantastic app for finding new dates, people to hang out. But sometimes people expect too much from Tinder, like getting a perfect life partner and love. But it is quite common in Tinder that most of the Tinder users to validate their self-esteem, for hookups, for just a chat. So it would be better not to expect unreasonably.


These are some basic mistakes to avoid in Tinder, not only in Tinder but in other dating apps too. Also, try to avoid lying in dating apps swiping right too much, and such to get in any trouble. That’s all for this article. If you find it helpful then share with your dating mads.