6 Reasons Why I Chose Washington DC For My Wedding

My wedding was one of the biggest days of my life. I wanted everything to be perfect and the way I imagined. When thinking about the location, I had more than one option on my mind. But Washington DC was one that I secretly was cheering for all the time. In the end, we decided to go for it since we had more than one good reason to make our dream wedding happen in Washington. Here are some of the main ones:

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1. It was more than easy to get a marriage license

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While in many states you have to follow a severe legal procedure to get a marriage license, in Washington DC that was more than simple. Since we were swamped with endless wedding-related tasks and obligations, we were wondering whether we’ll be able to plan a trip to Washington and get that done. Especially since we thought both of us need to be present. We were so happy to hear that just one of us is enough to get everything done. And there is also an option to have a third-party to get the marriage license by herself. We also considered this option, but eventually one of us was able to come and finish this procedure. It was more than easy to get this done, without any stress and time-consuming activities.

2. There was enough content for all of our guests

Washington DC offers so many interesting things to see. We knew there will be enough fun activities for every single person we invited to our wedding. And this can be a salvation for all couples who are thinking about getting married in the capital city. You don’t have to worry about animating your guests days before the wedding. Instead, Washington can do this for you. Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution’s 19 museums and galleries, White House, and Washington National Cathedral are some of the attractive places you can visit here. Another good thing is that most of the museums are free, and you don’t need a huge budget to make an interesting tour. The best part is that we were able to dedicate ourselves to crucial tasks around the wedding while our guests were having fun and enjoying the beauties of this city.

3. The choice of photographers is huge

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When we started thinking about the photographer, we were kind of worried that we won’t be able to find what we’re looking for. We wanted to hire the one that will be able to catch some spontaneous moments, instead of making scened photos where everyone’s looking in the camera and smiling. We wanted a photographer that will go unnoticed, but capture all the beautiful moments of our wedding. And we realized it was not hard to find the one that will be able to achieve all of that. Washington has so many good photographers to offer, so it was more than easy for us to find the right one. You can read more here about the top 20 best photographers in the capital. Depending on your preferences you can find plenty of good photographers that will capture beautiful moments that you will have as memories until the rest of your life.

4. They offer a bunch of location to get married

At first, we didn’t know which location we prefer. There are so many amazing places in Washington you can choose for your big day. Some of the ideas are the National Mall or a wedding in a historic house. National Mall offers three different locations you can choose from, but they have a limit on the time you can spend there. Washington DC has so many cute historic houses you can decorate the way you want and get married in one of them. If you’re more a fan of restaurants, as we are, there is also a large selection of them. You can find some great food that you and your guests will enjoy. Everyone can find something for themselves, depending on their style and idea.

5. You can choose your wedding officiant to be someone you know and love

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Another amazing thing that Washington DC offers is the possibility to have an officiant you want. That means if you have someone you love, and you think would be great for this role, you can make it happen. We were thinking about having our friend as an officiant since we thought he would be perfect for that. It makes the whole ceremony more special and unique. And having that experience with someone helps you bond even more and create lifetime memories. Of course, a person applying to be the celebrant at your wedding in Washington DC has to fulfill certain criteria. It needs to be older than 18 and make sure to follow all the steps and pay some fees. It is as simple as that.

6. Even people of the same sex can get married

The fact that even people of the same sex can get married in Washington DC sounded great to us. Not that it was applying to us, but it was significant to us in a way. It showed us that everyone is welcomed to this state. And also that wedding ceremonies are common and well respected in this state. The overall feeling we got is that people in Washington DC are very hospitable, and will give their best to make your wedding perfect. And that is exactly what we got. If you wish to get married to a same-sex person, we truly recommend Washington to be your choice. You’re not going to regret it for sure.


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Washington DC is a great place to get married. We decided to make our wedding there because it has so many beautiful things to offer. It is more than simple to get a marriage license, and you can choose your officiant. Washington has many great locations for a wedding, and also offers a place to visit and animate your guests. Food is amazing and there is a variety of great restaurants. You can find an excellent photographer that will capture all of those special moments at your wedding. Washington DC will make your wedding amazing and you’ll leave it with so many incredible memories for a lifetime.