Ways to Bring Life Back to an Old Pillow

We all have that pillow we love to sleep on. It may be very old and worn out, but we don’t think it is time to replace it yet. And the comfort we get from it can’t be matched even with the latest advancements in technology. That is why we will go through a few ways you can follow to bring life back into your old pillow.

Keep in mind, the steps described below won’t work for solid memory pillows. Only for polyester or cotton filled ones.

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Traditional Fluffing


The first method is to try and fluff up the pillow the traditional way. You start by gently squeezing the top and bottom of the pillow to move the stuffing around and force more air in between the stuffing. You then follow the same procedure with both sides of the pillow as well.
Adding more air to the pillow stuffing will increase its volume several times over, so be sure not to overdo it!

Applying Heat

The next method you can try is to add some heat to the worn-out pillow. This is best done by throwing in your dryer for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Remove the pillow from the dryer and check to see if it has risen to your preference or not.

You can throw it back in another time to increase its volume again. But it will eventually stop rising once it reaches its maximum potential. There is no use in putting back in for the third time. Don’t worry, you can still try the next methods to see if they help improve your old pillow.

Adding Filling


The first 2 methods we mentioned above didn’t require you opening the pillow, however, this one does. You should only try this if you are confident and able to use a thread and needle. Otherwise, you may be creating a mess and ruining your pillow further.

You can visit a local retailer to buy polyester or cotton pillow filling. One package is enough to completely fill an empty pillow, so you will have a lot to spare.

Start by making a small opening fin one of the corners of the pillow. It doesn’t need to be large and can be as small as a tennis ball. You can begin adding filling to it a little bit at a time. Keep moving the new filling around to avoid it from clumping.

Once you are satisfied with the height of the pillow, use your confident sewing skills and sew the small opening back up.

Replacing Your Pillow with a Bamboo Pillow

If you’re still not happy after trying the methods above and your old pillow still hasn’t improved in performance, you might want to consider replacing it instead.

There are many sites out there that have tested and reviewed the latest pillows and bedding products, like Bamboo-Comfort.com. Searching the internet is the best way to get charts, reviews, photos and details on this and similar topics.

To conclude, upgrading to a bamboo pillow might be the best thing you have ever done to improve your sleep. I’m sure you’ll get a better night’s sleep after trying one today.