What Are The Biggest Holidays In The US

National holidays are one of the most anticipated “events” that give us days off work. Furthermore, they are excellent for social gatherings and BBQ’s, catching up with friends and family, and spending time together with the people you love. In the US, there are 10 national holidays that provide us with a much needed day off. Also, there are some other less official holidays and if you cannot keep track of all, UpnNext.com should help you never forget a holiday.


In this article, we are going to talk about what are the biggest holidays in the United States. Stick around as we are going to be covering some of the most anticipated days of the year.

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6. Labor Day

Labor day was the true lifesaver when we were kids. It’s celebrated on September the 2nd and it meant that we didn’t have to go to school that day. This was especially important as none of us were prepared to go back to that awful school after having fun all summer long. Labor day is closely associated with your dad making a mean BBQ in the backyard with some friends and family. However, school starts in August nowadays, rather than September, so kids these days will never know the sheer joy that comes with the last stand of summer.



5. St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day meant one thing for all the non-Irish people in the US, beer, beer, oh yeah, more beer. St. Patrick’s Day is sacred to the Irish population within the United States, and it was awesome for the rest due to the brilliant parades that were happening all over town. This holiday usually involves people and alcohol… and a lot of passing out and making new friends. Green bear, all day drinking, and drinking, in general, is all that is happening during St. Patrick’s Day. And while you don’t get a day off for St. Patrick’s Day, you will probably get one from all the drinking.

St. Patrick’s Day


4. Independence Day

Independence Day is the birthday of the United States. You would naturally wonder why this holiday on top of the list isn’t, but the lack of presents is usually the reason why. As a matter of fact, the food isn’t even that great for Independence Day, and the two things good about it are the day off and the cool fireworks all over the country.

Independence Day


3. Halloween

Halloween was special when we were kids. I remember going trick or treating all night long with my brothers and measuring who had the most candy at the end of it. Nowadays, Halloween is just another excuse for girls to dress up as Catwoman and go naked around town, so I guess Halloween is pretty good.



2. Christmas

The 2nd place has to go to Christmas, but it was a hard one to make. Christmas is special regardless of your age. But it’s safe to say that Christmas was even more awesome when we were kids. The presents, the not knowing what you’re going to get, the family dinner, listening to Christmas music, and a host of other activities were the things that made Christmas special.  But since Christmas is second on our list, first place goes to…



1.  Thanksgiving

If anything beats Christmas dinner, then that has to be Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is probably one of the few things that America can call it’s own. Thanksgiving is the day that all of the family gets together and at 3 pm dad cuts the turkey. Not to brag or anything, but there is so much food involved with this holiday that you instantly go into a coma once you finish. Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is special. And the reason why is because it’s all about family.

Thanksgiving Day