What Are the Features and Benefits of Mobile Spy Technology?

Do you think that your employees or children are abusing the privileges of calling and texting or using the phone for inappropriate activities? Well, there is a solution for you and it’s called mobile spy technology. This technology helps parents and employers monitor the devices they own or have proper consent to do so.

Hence, you can check your children’s and employee’s text messages, photos, call information, websites they’ve visited and their GPS locations. This high-tech cell phone monitoring allows monitoring the device without being near it. Here is everything you need to know about the features and benefits of mobile spy technology.


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Mobile Spy Technology Features

This new technology is very easy to use on the Android smartphone and tablet platform. It comes with plenty of eavesdropping features. So, besides supporting all basic spying features, such as monitoring text messages, call logs, IMs, media files, iMessages, emails, and GPS tracking, it also comes with additional features. Thus, it will also allow you to:

  • monitor WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger
  • view complete SMS text messages and contacts
  • check visited websites and taken photos
  • view live screen
  • block applications from running on the phone

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Benefits of Using Mobile Spy Technology

This next generation of smartphone monitoring software comes with many benefits.

Protect Your Child


This spy technology allows you access to your child’s contacts, call logs, messages, and media. So, you can see who your child is contacting and what they are sharing. Moreover, you will know exactly where your children are when they are away. You can also see what photos are being taken with your child’s cell phone. This is very important because many children take compromising photos and post them to social media sites. Thus, this technology will help you learn about how your children use their phone and take action to keep them safe.

Improve Employee Productivity

When employees know they are monitored, they are more conscious of how they spend their time at work. Consequently, there will be an increase in productivity in the workplace. Moreover, by monitoring employees’ activities, managers can easily adapt to situations and changes, which will enhance productivity in the organization.

Bill Clients Accurately


Employees find it hard to rely on memories of the time they spend with their customers. This can lead to billing inaccuracies and cause issues both for the organization and their organization’s relationship with its customers. So, the spy phone technology is the tool which you can use to make sure that all things happen on the phone can be tracked with the click of a button only. Every activity can be tracked by a single time and the results of your team control panel. So, this software doesn’t only increase profit, but also protects your reputation.

Assess Your Employee Output

You can use this technology to measure the output and the activities of your employees. For instance, if you notice that a particular employee’s output for a job is below average, the employee may not be the best fit for that assignment.