Buy Flowers in Riga Online: What Bouquets Are in Trends This Summer 2024

Despite the fact that flowers are supposed to be universal gift, and each of us has presented many bouquets in our life, still not everyone knows how to choose the best summer flowers.

We bring to your attention some useful tips on what bouquets to give this July, how to choose the best flower arrangements, and what floral presents to give to beloved girlfriend or wife.

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Delivery service is always better

Find a service that offers 24/7 flower delivery in your city. This will save you a lot of time and money in perspective. Preference should be given to stores that guarantee the freshness of products and cooperate with direct suppliers from Holland, Kenya, Turkey.

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Seasonal flowers

Each flower has its own season. There are also versatile plants that are sold in floristic boutiques all year round. For example, roses. However, if you want to be original, look for seasonal options. There are dozens of summer flowers you will like and some of them will become you favorite for sure.

Tulips and garden spray roses were in trend at the beginning of this summer. In the middle of summer, you should choose peonies and lilies. If you are looking for exotic flowers, check out leucaspermum, freesia, skimmia or sunflower.

Pastel shades

Red is a beautiful, but boring and uninteresting classic. Probably it suits if you are going on the first date, but a lot of girls like other flowers except roses. If you are looking for flowers for a romantic anniversary, for a gift for no reason or a pleasant surprise, choose pastel colors.

Soft blue, creamy white, lightly purple, powdery and blue are the best options that go well with each other. Pastel colors are believed to be universal both for romantic composition and other gifts.

Blue and dark blue flowers also in trend this year. If you are looking for exotic, look for dark buds. Black roses, for example. But they are not for everyone. And if you are not sure you’d better choose something more classical.

Add fruits

If candies, chocolate, soft toys are often added to Christmas and New Year’s bouquets, as well as compositions for Valentine’s Day, fruits and berries are added to summer bouquets.

The trend this summer is lime or lemon, orange or grapefruit halves added to orange and yellow summer compositions. Twigs with berries will be appropriate with blue and red flowers. The hit of the season is a half pomegranate that is added to multicolor or bright bouquets.

Popular flowers

Buttercups and ranunculus are popular summer flowers that are present in many compositions of famous florists. Lilies and alstroemeria are also at their peak in 2024. But you may spend hours trying to find them in local stores. Try find the appropriate flora online visiting online stores with rapid delivery service.

If we talk about roses, then the most popular options are round peony flowers. These Dutch flowers go well with matiolla. Another unusual representative of the flora is the moon carnation. Moreover, carnation could be the most suitable flower for proms compositions or wedinf bouquets.

Lavender is suitable for those who love the distinctive flowers with strong scent. One of the features of lavender is the ability to stand in a vase for up to several years. Even dry flowers remain attractive and fragrant.

Sunflower is an unusual but surprising summer option. You can choose both small decorative sunflowers and large wildflowers. These flowers are really positive and full of joy.

Quality over quantity

Do not give a large bouquet if you are not sure about the freshness of the flowers. In addition, a large bouquet can be a hindrance if you are on a date, going to a restaurant or theater. The girl will be uncomfortable walking with an armful of flowers. Moreover, large composition mostly impossible to keep in vases and they will be thrown away in a day or two.

If you have a small budget for a gift, choose one or three beautiful exotic flowers or a bunch of wildflowers. Remember that quality stands over the quantity.

Make sure it’s fresh

Don’t buy flowers in advance. It is best to donate them immediately after purchase. The maximum storage time for a bouquet under optimal conditions is a day or two days. Make sure the flowers are fresh before giving a bouquet.

The buds should be firm and not open. If the bud is fully open, the petals will soon crumble. The stem of the flower should be firm and juicy. If it is too hard to bend, then the stem is dry.

Take care of the bouquet correctly

Flowers love moisture. The optimal water temperature depends on the flower – some like cold water, some like warm water. The water in the vase needs to be changed every two to three days. Do not place the bouquet in direct sunlight or in a hot place.

Use special water additives to keep the flowers standing for as long as possible. If special products are not available, use sugar and aspirin. But remember that they are not suitable for all colors.

Appropriate design

Avoid floral arrangements that are too packed with tinsel, wrapping paper, and sequins. Most likely, the seller is trying to hide the staleness of the product behind the wrapping paper.

Plus, most colors are beautiful on their own, they don’t need accessories. Craft paper or a few ribbons will be enough. Flowers without paper at all are appropriate too.

One-sided bouquets are in trend this summer. Meadow flowers go well with berry sprigs. If you decide to give a basket of flowers or a large round bouquet, give preference to light, pastel, light colors.