What Jeeps Can Be Flat Towed?

Jeeps, America’s favorite go-anywhere vehicle, are all about being tough and rugged. But what many people don’t know is that Jeeps can be towed flat behind an RV or other tow vehicle. There are many questions regarding flat towing both from experienced drivers and newbies. An increasing number of households are turning to flat towing as a way to reduce the wear and tear on their vehicles. With a proper tow bar, almost any vehicle can be towed from behind an RV.

This guide will cover what is flat towing, what Jeeps can be flat towed, etc. There are also will be some thoughts about the best tow bar for flat towing. Keep reading to learn all the details.

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What is Flat Towing?

Flat towing is towing a vehicle behind another vehicle with all four wheels on the ground. This process of pulling a Jeep behind an RV or other tow vehicle. This type of hauling can also be performed by trucks or other heavy-duty vehicles. Because this type of hauling process does not involve a trailer, it’s best suited for short distances and short-term travel. Jeeps can be towed behind many different tow vehicles with just a few modifications. Cars can be towed flat behind an RV, Campers, and small trailers.

Travelers often use flat towing the vehicle behind a motorhome and driving it to your destination. In other words, you have the Jeep parked alongside your RV and are pulling it by manually towing the Jeep. Not only is flat towing easier than traditional towing, but it also gives you more freedom. Flat towing is popular among drivers who live in places with lots of hills and rough terrain. They are also popular among families who want more free time and more access to the outdoors.

Can Any Vehicle Be Flat Towed?

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Flat towing is not just for Jeeps; it can be done with almost any vehicle. However, here are some vehicles that should never be flat towed. These include some cars with manual transmissions and automatic transmission trucks and vehicles.

This post explains for Jeep owners if it is possible to flat tow their vehicles. You should thoroughly learn the car’s possibilities as well as it is mandatory to confirm that flat towing is allowed in an individual vehicle’s owner’s manual.

What Jeeps Can Be Flat Towed?

According to your owner’s manual, most Jeep models can be flat towed. Your Jeep can be towed behind an RV if you have a tow bar. For example, the in-depth owner’s manual for the Grand Cherokee advises that the vehicle is not designed to be towed with the drive wheels on the ground. In other words, flat towing is recommended for the following models:

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Jeep Gladiator

Which Jeep Models Can Not Be Flat Towed?

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However, before towing your Jeep behind an RV, you need to be sure that it is safe for flat towing. Make sure that the vehicle’s manual allows flat towing. If you do not have access to the owner’s manual, contact a dealership or auto repair shop and learn what they think about it. Anyway, many mechanics say that Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade are not allowed for flat towing as they are not designed to be towed with their wheels on the ground. Because of this reason, flat towing these vehicles poses some risk of serious damage.

Why Is Transmission Lubrication Critical To Flat Towing?

Tow vehicles should have a transmission that shifts smoothly. If you tow your Jeep behind a tow vehicle with an automatic transmission, you need to keep the lubrication of the transmission in good condition to make sure it shifts smoothly.

If the automatic transmission is not working properly, it will cause problems for your Jeep and your tow vehicle during flat towing. It may shift too fast or too slow, which could damage either or both vehicles. This could also cause damage to other things like the exhaust system or powertrain system. Make sure you check everything before flat towing so you can have an enjoyable experience with no problems.

Can An Automatic Jeep Be Flat Towed Behind an RV?

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Many drivers wonder if they can tow a Jeep behind another vehicle. With an automatic transmission, the answer is complicated. In general, it is possible to tow your Jeep behind another car with an automatic transmission. However, you should check the owner’s manual to see if this is allowed for your specific model if you have questions about flat towing. Anyway, you should shift the transmission to a neutral position if you want to tow your Jeep behind another vehicle. In other words, if you’re flat towing a Jeep behind an RV, make sure the transmission is in neutral before towing the Jeep.

What Is the Best Tow Bar For Flat Towing?

If you are towing your Jeep behind an RV or other motorized vehicle with a tow bar, you need one that works well and is designed for flat towing of these vehicles.

There are many different tow bars out there on the market that you can purchase for your Jeep. Usually, the best tow bar for flat towing is a standard tow bar, which is what most drivers use. A standard tow bar has a built-in brake and one or two arms that prevent vehicles from hitting each other and damaging the tow vehicle or Jeep during flat towing.

The Bottom Line

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Flat towing is not easy and requires knowledge and experience. However, if you can handle it properly, it will give you more freedom in transporting your Jeep all over the place without problems. Make sure your Jeep has a tow bar, and you know how to use it properly before flat towing.

Always be sure to check with the owner’s manual if it is safe for your car. We recommend that you have an experienced driver behind the wheel and not inexperienced drivers when flat towing. If you have any other questions about flat towing, comment in the section below.