What To Look For If You Need Generator

Professional generators are used for many different things. Whether it’s a sporting event, a music concert, a country show, for use in a construction site, or much more. Wherever you need reliable power, generators are invaluable. They may be used to provide power when you’re located off the grid or to provide additional or backup power when your energy requirements are large. SRP Hire Solutions offer some advice on that topic.

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Why hire a generator?

Buying a generator can be expensive. You need to front the cost of purchase, as well as ongoing maintenance and fuel through the life of the unit. This makes hiring a much more affordable proposition, but there are other reasons to hire as well – primarily that your needs are likely to change over time. As you need more or less power or a different kind of generator, it’s much easier and more affordable to hire than to outright purchase every time.


Before you hire a generator, it’s important you have a good think about the following points to make sure that you get the right generator for your needs.

How much power do you need?

The primary question is how much power you’ll need the generator to produce. This will determine both the size of the generator and the number of them that you’ll need. Remember that your power requirements are unlikely to be static, so it’s always best to be a little generous with your estimates to allow for unexpected spikes in your energy use.


If you’re not sure how much power you need, get in touch with a specialist generator hire company – tell them what you’ll be using the generators for and they should be able to provide appropriate generator suggestions.

How long will you need it?

Consider the length of time you’ll require the generator/s for. Will it be for a music festival or outdoor event? In which case you’ll likely only require generators for a few days. Will it be for a construction project? If so, you could need generators for months – maybe even years at a time. Or, in certain cases, generators can be provided indefinitely, depending on your needs. Think carefully about your budget for hiring a generator, consider not only how long you need it for, but how long you can comfortably afford to hire it for.

Will you need it delivered/installed?

Many companies that work with generators will also offer a delivery/installation/pick-up service, which is something you should consider. It’s always wise to let the company handle the installation of their generators, as they will have the most familiarity with them – this ensures they’re reliably installed for consistent power.


If you need your generator delivered and installed, provide your generator company with as much information as possible about where you’ll need it. They may have to account for any location that is difficult to access.

Can you keep it fuelled?

A generator must be fuelled in order to provide the power – the fuel can vary depending on the specific generator, but is most often diesel. You’ll need to account for the diesel required to power your generator. If you’re only going to be using it for a few hours, it won’t take very much – however, if you intend to have your generator working for a long time, you must set aside the appropriate fuel. Consider the cost of the fuel as a part of your overall budget for generator hire.


Thinking about these things beforehand ensures that you find the right generator for your needs, and will ensure you have enough power to satisfy your requirements.