What Does the Way You Hold Your Bag Say About You?

For most people, when it comes to bags, one thing matters the most – the manufacturer. The brand name is vital when it comes to accessories like these. All over the world, there are people dedicated to designing and creating the most beautiful and practical bags. But, we’re not here to talk about fashion. This is more of a psychological subject. In this article, we are going to discuss what the way you hold your bag says about you. This is an interesting subject.

Have you given it any idea? You probably should. Today, most people, of both genders use handbags. Many individuals obsess about them. My passion for accessories such as bags and shoes is real. You can carry a bag for any occasion. They do not depend on your looks or seasons. What they do depend on are your style and the values you have. Many things can be said about anyone only by seeing what bag they carry around. That’s right. It’s what makes it such an interesting subject, and why we’re going to talk about it in the next few paragraphs.

So, the next time you decide to buy a Jacquemus bag for women, you’ll be thinking twice when choosing the model and size, because you’ll know that a bag can tell some of your secrets without saying a word. By now, we’re sure that we have your attention. In that spirit let us divulge this subject together. Check out what your bag and how you hold it speaks of you.

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Elbow Stance

Many ladies hold their bags on their elbows. You’ve seen it a million times. You also probably never paid too much attention to it. But you should. Elbow signals power. It’s all about prestige. Elbow provides the surroundings with clear stature of power and status. It screams authority. When you decide that you’ll wear your bags on your elbow you’re giving out a signal that you’re ready to trump anyone and that your power shouldn’t be underestimated.

A bag on the elbow is all about making a statement. For many people, carrying a bag like this is about saying a few things about your goals, achievements, and how far you come on your own. It is about independence. About being stable, forward-thinking, and focused on specific goals that have everything to do with social stature, self-achievement, and general success.

Over The Shoulder

It is all about practicality when it comes to carrying your bag over the shoulder. It is about trust. Not giving it easy. Being hard to approach. Having a bag thrown over one shoulder means that you are all about your goals and forward streaming to achieving them.

Time is precious to you, and you don’t like to waste it the same way you hold all things in life precious. Also, you’re focused on things ahead, but also have an eye on the things behind you. Having your back covered matters the same way as seeing what’s in front of you. But, at the same time, you’re not afraid to express fear and show that you’re vulnerable.

Across The Body And In Front

Carrying your bag like this is like wearing armor. Many people choose to do it this way as it makes them feel safer. It is all about being cautious and showing it to the world. The majority of people doing it are shy.

But, it might signal a person on the defensive. You’ll notice this trend among many celebrities. While one person would think that celebrities are not shy nor need armor they are and they do. It is all about the curious eyes of onlookers and the piercing lenses of the paparazzi.

In Your Hand

While this looks like you’re having it out in the open, the situation is a little bit different. Carrying the bag like this tells more about your secrets. It doesn’t reveal them. It states that you have them, it speaks that there’s some sort of a mystery to your persona. It is about perseverance, about having an image and presenting it to the world.

Did you know how much your bag can reveal about you? Carrying your hands is the most logical and simplest way. Yet, it speaks volumes about your independence, organization, confidence, and production. Everything combined tells a tale about ambition.

Shoulder and Freedom

Now, let’s talk about having your bag over your shoulder but without a tight grip, we’re talking about full swings in motion. About freedom for your bag under your arm. What does this tell you? It speaks of a free spirit. About a person that is carefree. About being spontaneous. Those people who let their bag roam free while only having it put over their shoulders are usually very self-centered.

They breed confidence. It combined with freedom is what all of us dream of. As you can tell by now, it is not about having a branded bag, or one designed by an artisan. It is more about the way you carry it and the way you carry yourself.

Behind Body

Do you know how this one goes? It is with stripes across your body but with the bag being left behind. This is a powerful message. When you see a lady carrying her bag like this it speaks volumes about their spirit. They’re warriors. It is not only functional. It also screams about independence.

When you have it like this, you’ll breed with so much confidence that the brand name or recognition of the age won’t matter at all. Everyone will be fascinated by the person in front. Its styles will say more things about our brand than about the bag.

Both Hands

This approach is usually used when you want to show that you’re vulnerable. That you need protection. Persons who hold their bags in front with both hands are usually very shy. They are those who avoid being in the spotlight. They can often have contact with anxiety and depression. So, you need to be kind to them. Those are people who want to avoid stress and meaningless situations.