What Do Women Want from Men: In a Nutshell

Books have been written and movies made about this topic. Some of the stories written and films were all spoofs and mockeries of the idea or ideals therein. What women want from men varies from one culture to another. These wants also vary with age. Nonetheless, women have specifics that should be covered regardless of the aforementioned factors.

These specifics are listed herein and they highlight what men should not miss. Whether you were raised catholic, Lutheran, or never had a religious background, there are things men are expected to do. On that note, maintaining harmony in a relationship requires some dos and don’ts too.

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How to Learn about Women’s Needs

So what do these women want from men?

1. Respect

how to Respect a women

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All women want to be respected. Respect means treating them like partners, companions, and human beings as opposed to tools. When a woman feels like she is being objectified, it means respect doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t forget to be respectful in the virtual world too, for example towards beautiful ladies on goldenbride.net/ukrainian-brides.html

2. Stability

Planning to date and perhaps make a wife from a lady? She needs to be guaranteed stability. If times get hard, which they will, economically, there should be signs that you are making an effort, and things will be better.

3. Trust

Women need to trust men and vice versa. If a lady feels that she’s not trusted, she will become insecure. Additionally, she has to trust a guy with her very being. If she cannot trust you entirely, then the relationship is doomed.

4. Emotional availability

Emotional availability

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Ladies love a dude who’s in touch with his feelings. This doesn’t imply crying all the time. It refers to a man who can show excitement as well as disappointment, and if he needs time to shed a tear, why not.

5. Compassion

Have compassion towards the lady in your life, and others in general. Be the guy who loves nature and animals, as well as neighbors and trees in the neighborhood. Nothing makes a girl blush like a guy who cares about his environment. It means the home will be filled with compassion too.

6. Sense of humor

Women love to laugh, it is the best medicine for almost all ailments. A man with no sense of humor might as well be dead. A woman particularly likes males who can laugh at themselves. If he errs and has no qualms laughing at his faults, she might fall in love instantly.

7. Maturity

showing Maturity to your girl

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Keeping things civil is important for any woman to appreciate you. This involves how you respond as opposed to reacting, and how you deal with matters amicably. Any man who blows their top over petty issues is considered immature.

8. Integrity

Men with a moral compass are adored and appreciated worldwide. Women adore men who love others, show compassion, and are ethical at the same time. A guy with honor and discipline cannot disrespect his girl or wife and will put their needs first.

9. Confidence

This shouldn’t be confused with arrogance. A confident guy knows his worth regardless of status, height, money et al. It is this confidence that will get him the things he wants out of life. It is the same confidence that will help them as a couple to achieve greatness.

10. Protective


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A woman needs to feel loved but mostly, protected. She will at some point ask herself (not you) whether you can protect her. Since time immemorial, men were protectors and fought off animals to protect families. You may not fight a lion, but protecting her should be one of your concerns.

Bottom Line

What women want is not a straight line of wants and needs, but the basics are simple to accomplish. It takes a little work to learn what the ladies don’t like, and rest is a breeze. In case you feel like the love between you two is slowly decreasing, here is an article about rekindling love and romance. Save your relationship on time.