6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use PEMF Therapy

PEMF is one of the most famous tools in physiotherapy for a number of reasons. From back pain to relaxing body muscles, PEMF therapy is something you should be using if you are advised for it by a healthcare practitioner. You can check out amazing PEMF devices from Healthyline Outlet and get more information.

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When Not to Use PEMF Therapy?

There are some indications in which you should not use PEMF therapy. In this case, you should be really careful because any kind of electromagnetic interference may put a risk to the body. In such cases, it is highly necessary for you to always ask a healthcare professional before using PEMF devices if you have a medical condition.

Now, let’s see some of the typical aspects under which you shouldn’t use PEMF.

1. Electric Appliances in Body

Catheters, pacemakers, and any such devices in the body can come in the way of the effect of PEMF devices. The frequencies of the two can interfere with each other, which can alter the overall therapy going on. It might be even dangerous because of the interference. Your organs such as the heart may get affected as well, so in such conditions, it is not recommended to use PEMF therapy at all.

2. Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, you need to be extra careful about your health. While PEMF and other such devices don’t appear to be harmful in pregnancy, it is recommended not to use such devices in this state. The reason behind it is that pregnancy is a sensitive stage of a woman. Any miscalculation can result in dire effects, so it is suggested not to recommend any device which interferes with the body at a molecular level.

3. Tuberculosis

In tuberculosis, your lungs are at a risk of collapsing. This is because of the presence of bacteria which disintegrate the air sacs of the organ. As a result, there is possible tissue loss. The air flow will be less, making the life of the patient more difficult than before. In such conditions, it is recommended not to use any electrical device.

It is because PEMF devices work by influencing the body at a molecular level, which may put the already at risk organ to damage. You should ask your doctor if you are having any pain and want substitutes for electrical therapy.

4. Sensitive Skin

People with skin disorders such as body acne, eczema, and other sensitive skin issues should not be using PEMF devices. It is because such devices are harmful for the skin which is disrupted and may result in further sensitivity.

If the skin is wounded or has a rash in it, the electrodes on the skin will pass electric currents which will damage the skin further. In such cases, it is suggested to always wait for the skin to recover. If you have chronic skin sensitivity, ask your doctor for suggestions before using any PEMF therapy device on your body.

5. Children

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Some age groups should not be using PEMF therapy, for example children. Children have sensitive and developing organs which respond strongly to any stimuli. Any electromagnetic stimuli may interfere with crucial body organs such as the brain and the heart. As a result, the child may experience discomfort and even some issues which could lead them to a medical emergency. That is why, it is not recommended to use any electrodes and electromagnetic devices on the body of children.

6. Neurological Conditions

Conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, and postpartum depression may cause the patient to behave in an impulsive manner. The use of electrodes on such a patient for therapeutic purposes is therefore risky. The patient is at a direct risk of harming themselves or others around them if they are receiving therapy through electrodes. That is why, such conditions should be dealt with immense care and substitutes should be looked into. Just like they need medical supervision for medicine, they also need supervision for the use of devices if there comes a necessity.

Final Words

It is highly evident that the advantages of PEMF are not to be ignored. The various benefits PEMF therapy gives is the reason for its popularity in the healthcare industry. However, there are certain exemptions when it comes to the use of PEMF. That is why it is important to note in which criteria people come when they decide to get PEMF therapy. With the consultation of a healthcare professional, they can get the best advice for using the therapy.

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