When to Take Away Your Teen’s Cell Phone Privileges

Kids nowadays have phones all the time. Although there are benefits to owning a smartphone, they don’t know how to use it and they overuse it for the content which is not suitable. Also, they play too many games, which evokes some other issues. If parents decide to buy their kids phones, they should also know when the right time is to take it away. The kids should know that it is up to their parents to determine the time and content on the smartphone and once those rules are set, there shouldn’t be any troubles.

Social media activities, after-school activities, friendship, and relationship revolve around cellphones nowadays. It is just the ways things work and we can accept them and adjust to being the best possible parents we can.

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When school grades are poor, you need to locate the problem fast and deal with it in the life of your teenage children. As a first indicator that the activities on your teen’s cell phone are becoming a problem, you can see in the dropping of the school grades.  Take action instantly and limit the use of the cell phone. Furthermore, allow them to use phones only after they are done studying.

Forming a set of rules for the use of the cell phone that your children will have to follow is a must. Defining when, how much, and combining it with regular outside activities is a perfect way to embed a good habit in anyone’s mind. Fortunately, the technologies today have offered us a chance to monitor phone activities, text messages, social networks sharing information, call records, visited websites, GPS tracker, parental control, screen lock, photos, etc.  Family Orbit is just one in the sea of options to choose from when speaking about this form of protection and safety for your teenage children. Basically, you will have the upper hand in the plans for your beloved children, you will be able to recognize a wrong social circle, school grade-changing with behavior, dangerous individuals in contact, and shared information.

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Notice the change in the behavior and the lack of sleep as connected problems. This is usually the reflection of the spent time on the cell phone of the majority of teenagers all over the globe, and it’s a clear sign you need to take action. Limit the use of the cell phone in the evening, it will benefit your children with quality sleep, and their behavior will change to better. They may resist in the start and argue about your decision, but you have to put your “foot down” and stick with it. Teenagers are known to test your limits and boundaries whenever they can, your advantage is that you make the rules. This is a process so it will take time, energy and discipline to make it all work.

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The last sign that you need to take away your teen’s cell phone privileges is when you realize they are starting to get addicted to them. This is a measure to protect their mental health along with physical shape. Too many selfies, chats in late hours, reviling inappropriate information, going into the bathroom with their cell phone, etc. These are all signs that are constant in the lives of teenagers. When you know how to spot them and handle them, you will easily make the best decision at that moment.