Which Light Bulbs Are The Most Energy-Efficient – 2024 Guide

Manufacturers are constantly trying to develop more efficient devices that can provide us with a proper function, along with less energy consumption. The same situation is with lightning systems. For a very long period, most homes were using standard light bulbs with an average power of 100 watts. However, other solutions like LED and CFL became much more popular in recent years. These two types of light bulbs represent the most energy-efficient choices available on the market.

Both LED and CFL lights are much more efficient than standard bulbs. The efficiency is measured in lumens, and ordinary lightbulb can create between 10 and 20 lumens per watt, while CLF is much stronger, with a range between 40 and 70 lumens. The strongest and most efficient type is LED light, with around 100 lumens per watt.

Moreover, the market is full of all kinds of lighting systems since there are many manufacturers from all around the world. You should check Lepro online store, where you can find some of the best LED bulbs for your living room, bedroom, office, garden, and more. Furthermore, we are going to present to you some of the most efficient light bulbs available on the market in 2024.

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Compact Fluorescent Lamp


The CFL lights are one of the most popular bulbs today, and the main reason for that is a low price and average durability of around ten years. Also, you can find a decent one for around 5$. With the advancements in manufacture and design, modern CFL bulbs can have various colors and different shapes, which means that you can fit them in any space.

On the other hand, there are some downsides as well, like lack of dimming ability, and you have to wait for half a minute until it reaches its maximum brightness. Also, most of CFL lights are made with mercury, which represents a very dangerous substance that can cause issues with breathing, skin, kidneys, and digestive system. Therefore, be aware to safely store this type of light when you want to throw it away.

Light-Emitting Diode


Among various types of bulbs, LED represents the best possible solution today. When it comes to energy, the light-emitting diode spends less energy than any other type and has the longest durability. Also, it does not contain toxic materials like CFL, which means that an LED bulb is much better for the environment. The main benefit of LED is that you can use dimming function without any issues. Other types of lights can break much faster with dimming.

Since LED is the most popular choice today, you can find numerous types of different bulbs with varieties in color, shapes, or some advanced functions like a wireless connection to a smartphone, that you can use to control it. Here are some of the best standard LED bulbs:

A 19 LED Bulbs


The standard version of A 19 has a power of 14 watts, which is equivalent to a classic bulb with 100 watts. It can provide brightness up to 1600 lumens and has a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours. There is also a weaker version with 9 watts, and the smart bulb that you can connect with smartphones, Google Home, or Alexa. The price of it is around $20 for a package of 6 bulbs

E12 Candelabra Bulbs


This type of light is perfect for the kitchen ceiling or as a decoration in different parts of your home. Since it is much weaker than a standard LED bulb, you should avoid the dimming function. The power usage is only 4.5 watts, and there is a smart version with wireless technology available as well. The price of this product is around $2.

E26 LED Bulbs


This type is similar to E 19 with the same functions. The best version of E 26 is the one with 9 watts and the ability to change colors. You should not use the dimmer for this bulb, since it is designed to be controlled with devices like smartphone or Alexa.

One standard bulb costs less than $4, while the RGB version comes with a price of $17.

PAR30 LED Bulbs


This is another example of a great light solution that you can get at the Lepro online store. This bulb is a lighter version of Candelabra and can provide 900 lumens of brightness. It is small in size and perfect for decorating a bar or a kitchen. Package that contains eight pieces costs $20.

Main Types of LED Bulbs


There are two main types of LED, diffused and dimmable. When it comes to diffused bulbs, they are covered with a special lens that helps the bulb to spread the light over the greater space.

The main feature is a much longer lifespan than dimmable light, which makes this product perfect for the living room, garage, backyard, or any other place where lights are on for a much longer time. On the other hand, a dimmable LED bulb the best one when it comes to energy efficiency since it only has 10 watts and still has enough power to provide a proper light.



Besides CFL and LED, there is also a halogen bulb, but this type is not so energy efficient like the previous two but has some advanced features like dimming. However, it spends much more energy and has a shorter lifespan. Therefore, you should choose between those two options. CFL is three times more efficient than a standard lightbulb and can last for more than ten years. However, you must recycle it properly since it contains toxic materials and does not has such efficiency as an LED bulb.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the light-emitting light bulb is the best option today. You will have to invest more money to buy this type, but considering that it spends significantly less energy, it seems like a smart investment. Also, most of them have a great design, and you can find various models with some advanced functions like dimming, color-changing, and wireless connection. Besides standard bulbs, you can find bedside lamps, car lights, flashlights, and many other systems that contain LED technology.