Top 14 Fashion Apps in 2024

Have you been dreaming about changing your image for a long time but still don’t dare to do so? Many people suffer from this problem for various reasons. Someone is afraid of negative feedback from friends, someone doesn’t want to damage their hair, and someone is too conservative.

Anyway, none of these explanations will prevent you from trying out a new hairstyle in particular apps. If in doubt or, on the contrary, want some changes but are devoid of ideas, download one of the following five programs and have fun.

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1. RetouchMe is a photo editor that has many features, including the ability to change a hairstyle. Its main advantage is the lack of traces of retouching in the finished image. The picture will show how you look with a specific color or hairstyling, so even your friends won’t understand that it’s a fake.

RetouchMe is available for mobile devices. Upload a photo, indicate what you want to change, and send it to the editor. The service costs money. The range of available hairstyles is huge that perhaps you will find new ideas for consideration.

2. Hair Zapp

That is a mobile application available in Appstore and Google Play. Its main advantages are that it is free and offers many options for new haircuts. Just take a selfie or upload your photo from your phone. Also, you can get a lot of different information about hairstyles and get tips on choosing, for example, which haircut suits an oval, round or triangular shape of the face. Save received photos and send them to friends.

3. Fabby Look — hair color changer & style effects

Fabby Look specializes in hair color change. The library of shades has many bright and fashionable colors, for example, blue, purple, pink, platinum, and others. Even if you aren’t ready for such crazy updates, this is an excellent way to look at yourself from a new perspective. Just change colors before saving a photo. The finished result can be shared with friends via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other messengers.

4. Man Photo Editor

The app for stylish guys has many tools to change the look altogether. Dozens of hairstyles, beards, tattoos, etc. are available in Man Photo Editor. With this program, you can become anyone. Try on the image of a bad boy with facial hair and body drawings. Or transform into an elegant gentleman with perfect hairstyling and suit (the app also has clothing options). It allows efficiently scaling and rotating a photo, as well as sharing the result with friends on social networks.

5. Mobile Virtual Makeover by Mary Kay

The world brand of cosmetics has created an application where you can try any makeup on yourself as well as learn the basics of this craft. Ready-made sharp images, including for special occasions, such as a wedding, are developed by professionals for your usage. The interface is simple and adapted for many countries. Just upload your photo or select the model’s face from the list, and start applying makeup on the front, eyes, lips.

Mobile Virtual Makeover is makeup-oriented, but it also has hair suggestions. There are available options such as length, hair color, highlighting and coloring, as well as a selection of hair accessories, a variety of hairpins, and jewelry.

6. Women Hairstyles Camera

Have you ever wondered if Rihanna or Angelina Jolie’s hairstyle will suit you? If so, then Women Hairstyles Camera will help you find out the answer. That is a viral application that allows you to quickly get a ready-made photo of you with a new image. That is thanks to the automatic hair detection system. Use different colors, styles, and lengths to find what suits you the most.

7. Hairstyle Try On

Using the Hairstyle Try On – Hair Salon application, you can see yourself with a different haircut and hair color, which, no doubt, will inspire you to experiments with your image. It’s suitable for both men and women.

This program works the same as the rest: you need to upload a photo, preferably a full-face portrait with a white background, and select hairstyles and shades of hair from the catalog. Next, indicate gender, hair length, and other parameters. This app doesn’t have a wide range of functions, but it is not overloaded with unnecessary options.

8. Hairstyle Makeover

That is a hairstyling program for men and women available for mobile use. A simple interface offers a vast number of popular hair options. So, you can easily pick up a new image and conduct bold experiments with style. Professional styling looks very realistic.

Free main options are men’s and women’s hairstyles for short and long hair, mustaches, beards, and some additional offers. But you can also download over 600 other models through In-App Purchases. The application has additional editing tools; for example, you can cut hair, change the parting line and shade of hair, adjust the width/height of the hairstyle so that it fits perfectly with your face shape, and looks natural.

9. Man Hair Mustache Style PRO

Modern men follow trends and want to look stylish, no less than women. Therefore, here is another application where guys can try new hairstyles, mustaches, and beards. Take a selfie or upload a photo from the gallery. It is advisable to choose the right quality image. The interface is simple, as all icons are marked with corresponding symbols. Among other things, the photo editing function is also available and includes effects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow, glare, focus, and others.

10. Hair Color Booth

This application specializes in changing hair color. It’s simple so that you will figure it out quickly. The local palate has many colors, so your imagination is unlimited. In addition to dying all the hair, you can color the strands in different shades. Save the image and surprise your friends with your new” look.

11. FashionFreax Street Style App

You will be able to get famous in fashion with this app, or at least feel that trend brands since it focuses on the looks you are uploading. You can choose the clothes you upload and also the photographs, getting other people to rate your way of dressing.

In the same way, you will also be able to start scoring the rest of the people, seeing many different styles, and thus getting to know what is being taken, not only by famous people but by ordinary people. Apart from this, you can buy those clothes you see, as it will indicate the stores where you can get the clothes you see.

12. Chicfeed

A new application with which you will be able to observe the photographs that are uploading the most renowned portals related to the urban style. There are many pages that you can select, or some of them remove if they do not marry too much with the method that you usually wear daily. It is a point to have all the looks of the moment located at the informal level, being able to download both on Android and iOS.

The most exciting thing is that it saves you a lot of work because instead of having all the applications of these brands, you have to install this to be aware of what you see.

13. Stylebook

One of the funniest applications that we have found and that we also recommend from the Musse & Cloud shoe firm is called Stylebooks. Although it has two drawbacks, removing this, all are benefits for those people who want to have a look and know with what clothes Combine the clothes they have.

Let’s start with the paste, and it is an application that only those who have a mobile with iOS, which is an iPhone, will be able to use, and the second is that you will have to pay for it. However, despite having a meager price, you will have many possibilities, and it is one of the best fashion apps of the moment, and that’s why we recommend it.

14. 21 Buttons – The fashion social network

This application is called the social network of fashion and has some features that we liked a lot, so we want to share it with you, and you can enjoy it, as we have done.

In this fashion app, you can upload photos with your looks, indicating in each of the garments where you bought it, in which stores, and how much they were. In this way, if someone visits you, you can see not only your photo but also the places to buy it. And if someone does it through your link, you will earn money.

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