Why Bio Certified Cosmetics Are Better For You

Bio certified cosmetics is the formulation of cosmetic products that only contain organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are grown without using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and so on. In this article, you will be able to read about the benefits of bio certified cosmetics. Let’s take a look at the list:

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It is Natural and Effective


These cosmetic products ensure fast results and are quite effective. The main substances used in these products influence the skin condition ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, antioxidants, or hyaluronic acid are all derived from natural sources. Both plant and human cells belong to the same group of cells and they use the same active substances to maintain life. That is why bio certified cosmetics made from raw, natural ingredients have the highest amount of biologically active substances.

Fundamentally Safer

Natural cosmetics are made by using organic and natural materials, which are safer for the environment and the human body. Since the chemical industry boomed in the ‘50s, more than 100.000 new chemicals have entered the market and are being used in household products and cosmetics. But, the safety of these chemicals has never been properly and fully tested. These substances can have an undesirable effect on the skin, as well as the whole body. However, natural ingredients that are carefully selected and developed are efficient and safe.

95 Percent Organic


95 percent of the vegetable raw materials used in bio certified cosmetics come from organic farms. This type of farming offers various benefits, but, it does not permit the use of synthetic fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides which have a negative effect on the human body and the environment.

GMO and Nanoparticles Free


According to the experts from Heal Nature, natural beauty products are made without GMO, nanoparticles, or the irradiation of the raw materials. One of the major concerns which have been a subject of a lot of international discussions connects to the risks and benefits of genetically modified plants. These risks can include an adverse effect on the environment, as well as living organisms.


Natural ingredients rapidly degrade in nature, hence, it can reduce the pollution of water and the environment. For instance, microparticles found in synthetic toothpaste, scrubs, and other products do not break down when they enter the water but accumulate the toxic ingredients on the surface. The fish living in those waters eat toxic substances, and the synthetic particles and other harmful chemicals end up in people’s diets.

Cleaner Production


The production of these products is cleaner and environmentally friendly. The materials are obtained and processed without chemical reactions that are harmful to us and the environment. Clean production means that using natural resources responsibly and treating the environment carefully through all stages of production.


As you can see, these were only six of hundreds of benefits that bio certified cosmetics can provide you with. Hence, if you did not make a switch from normal to natural cosmetics, do not waste any more time. Your skin and body will thank you later.